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NORD-LOCK IBERIA, S.L.U. (Nord-Lock Group)

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Postal address 
Avda. Somosierra, 22 E- 6 y 7
E-28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. España
Telephone +34 911 859 190
Company data
Management team

CEO Graham P. Souter (Mr.). Managing Director: Paloma Bellido González (Ms.).

Activity Components, Mechanical Construction, Electronics, Equipment, Auxiliary Electrical Equipment, Auxiliary Mechanical Equipment, Engineering and Consulting, Other.
Main products and services

- Wedge-locking security for bolted joints, Nord-Lock TM
- Hydraulic bolt tensioning, Boltight TM
- Ultrasonic bolt measurement equipment Echometer + de Boltight TM
- Mechanical tensioners multijackbolts MJT, Superbolt TM
- Expansion sleeve coupling bolts, Superbolt TM
- Mechanical radial expansion bolts, EzFit Superbolt TM
- Expansion bolt (with hydraulic bolt and nut) HyFit de Superbolt TM
- Pivot for rotational parts, ExpanderTM System
- Technical consultancy and engineering services including calculations, design and analysis of bolted joints, tightening methods, torque calculations, torque/load relationship, product development, verification of friction conditions, vibration tests, etc.


Top product: OTHERS: Load-Sensing Tensioner, (LST) SuperboltTM.


Activities by year

Activities in 2020:


- Nord-Lock wedge-locking we provided washers for all safety-related areas such as bogies, coupling devices, brake systems, wheelsets, and many more.

- Superbolt Mechanical Tensioners Multijackbolts, has been supplied to tighten method couplers.

- We did customize our Typhoon Hydraulic Tensioner for an application on hitch tightening.

- Customers using tamping machines, requested our Expander System pivot points to prevent lug wear.


Nord-Lock SC washers, originals and X-series have been supplied for trackbeds applications, frog/diamon, noise barriers, railway bridges components, etc.

Superbolt LST (see innovation section).



Innovations in 2020:

Nord-Lock Group began trials of its new Superbolt Load-Sensing Tensioner (LST) – one of the group’s first Industry 4.0 products – on a railway bridge in central Europe. The rail operator is experiencing bolt loosening on noise barriers, affecting around 300 different bridges.

This is due to aerodynamic loads caused by passing trains, which can be traveling up to 200 kph. Noise barriers on bridges are an issue because of the limited space for fasteners. Nord-Lock Group, who were approached by a third-party to help develop a solution, saw this as an opportunity to test its new smart product.  

“The LST is essentially one of our Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs) with a connector on it for readout devices (wired or wireless) and a sensor mounted inside,” that can measure preload at a frequency of 100kHz, and in tests has shown an accuracy of plus/minus five per cent or better. As part of the trial, four LSTs were installed on a rail bridge and will deliver continuous measurements as each train passes. In order not to generate too much data, the frequency has been reduced to 600 Hz.


Areas Global presence, 25 offices, 65 countries with representation and 6 technical Centres.
Certifications ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.
Turnover 2019: 1.919 k€. 2020: 1.726 k€.
No. of employees 2019: 8. 2020: 8.
Share capital 60 k€.
Results 2019: 28 k€. 2020: -133 k€.
Activities Components, Auxiliary electric equipment, Auxiliary mechanical equipment, Engineering and consulting, Others.
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