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Postal address Calle Energía Solar 1
E-41014 Sevilla. Spain
Company data

Abengoa is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, energy and water sectors. With more than 80 years of history, Abengoa, develops the activities of engineering, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in the energy, industry, environment, transport and communications sectors, covering the development of transmission and distribution lines, railway electrification, installations and infrastructures for all types of plants and buildings, as well as electrical and electronic ancillary manufacturing and metal structures.

Management team

General Director of the Transmission & Infrastructure vertical of Abengoa: Pablo Infante Cossío.
Head of T&I Railway division: Raúl Santiago Pérez.
Head of T&I Railway Engineering: Juan Carlos Cortés Rengel.

Activity Construction, infrastructures, energy electrification, railway electrification, construction of renewable plants, electrical and mechanical installations, telecommunications, signalling, manufacturing of electronics and auxiliary electrical equipment, manufacturing of metal structures, engineering and consulting, maintenance.

Main products and services

Engineering, construction and industrial maintenance of infrastructure in the energy, industry, environment, transport and communications sectors: transmission and distribution lines, railway electrification, installations and infrastructures for all types of plants and buildings, electrical and electronic ancillary manufacturing and metal structures.


Top products: ELECTRIFICATION: 1. Abengoa Construction and maintenance of railway electrification. ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING: 2. Abengoa Railway Engineering.


Activities by year

In Spain, we continue to work with our client Adif for the maintenance of the Antequera-Granada, Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French border, Madrid-Alicante, Madrid-Córdoba-Málaga-Seville, Madrid-Toledo and Madrid-Valladolid high-speed lines. Likewise, the maintenance work on the conventional railway lines and substations in the central (based in Madrid) and northeast (based in Barcelona) areas.

Also for Adif, the works for the electrification of the Madrid-Levante high-speed line, on the stretch to Murcia and the installation and maintenance of the protection, security and telecommunications systems in the Pajares tunnel continue to be carried out.

In the United Kingdom, and within the multi-year contract with Network Rail (NwR) in the Anglia region, an extension has been contracted for the installation of harmonic filters in the containerized substation of Bulls Lodge feeder station.

Also for NwR, have been hired and started the work of the Safer Faster Isolations project, of which an new extension is being negotiated due to its good development.

In France, for Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF), we continue to work on the execution of traction substation projects.

In Lithuania, for Lithuanian Railways, we continue with the project of electrification of the Vilnius-Klaipeda railway corridor, where notable progress has been made in the development of project engineering, as well as in the purchase of part of the strategic equipment and railway machinery necessary for the execution of the project.

In Saudi Arabia, for the Saudi Railways Organization, the maintenance phase of the electrification infrastructures of the Mecca-Medina high-speed train has begun, in which Abengoa participated as one of the members of the Spanish consortium that built the project.



Abengoa has continued its work on numerous innovation projects in the railway area during 2021. Below, we detail some of them.

The Railway Innovation Hub
Since 2016, Abengoa has participated in The Railway Innovation Hub, a railway cluster based in Malaga of which Abengoa was one of the founding companies and currently holds the vice presidency. The Railway Innovation Hub aims to become a benchmark for railway innovation both nationally and internationally by supporting the sector and with the involvement of its more than 80 associates.

Among the most significant projects developed by the HUB we highlight the "Standardization of Hyperloop systems", the "Implementation of the BIM methodology in the railway sector" or the "Station of the future".

Rail breakage detection, BIM tool and Alis Project

In the last year, Abengoa has continued to carry out tests and trials of these innovation projects in the railway area, obtaining satisfactory results. It is currently in process of protection of results and commercialization of the developed systems.

Specifically, Rail Breakage is a rail break detection system that works on high-speed lines in real time. This system is the only one in the world capable of detecting breaks and identifying them in real time for railway infrastructures.

The BIM (Building Information Modelling) tool has been conceived for the automated three-dimensional design of catenaries and railway traction substations. The software is in advanced process and is expected to be ready during the present time.

About the Alis project, it is a comprehensive simulation tool that allows simulating electrification, safety and energy efficiency systems in railway systems. The company continues to carry out simulation work and commercialization of results in markets such as Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Spain for such important railway clients as Adif, Network Rail or the Saudi Railway Organization, among others.


Areas Spain, United Kingdom, France, Lithuania, rest of Europe, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Certifications Quality and Environment:
(i) Quality: ISO 9001 certification for more than 20 years. Pecal / AQAP 2110 certification for the defense sector and certificate of conformity of factory production control for the execution of steel structures (CE Certificate).
(ii) Health and Safety: ISO 45001 Certification, before OSHAS 18001, for more than 15 years.
(iii) Environment: ISO 14001 certification for more than 20 years.

No. of employees 11,114 (Abengoa, as of December 31st, 2021)
R&D Investment 629 (thousand Euros) (Abengoa, as of December 31st, 2020)
Sales 1,250 million Euros (Abengoa, as of December 31st, 2020)
Ebitda 232 million Euros (Abengoa, as of December 31st, 2020)
Activities Infraestructure, Mechanical construction, Electrification, Auxiliary electric equipment, Auxiliary mechanical equipment, Engineering and consulting, Maintenance, Others, Signalling, Telecommunication, Business associations.
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