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Postal address LANTANIA
Sobrado, 2
E-28050 Madrid. Spain.
Telephone +34 910 35 35 86 E-mail Web
Other addresses
Calle Vendimiadores, 30 · P.I. La Morera.
E-41710, Utrera (Seville). Spain..

Telephone +34 918 27 94 79 E-mail Web
Camino de las Viñas, s/n
E-50640 Luceni (Zaragoza). Spain.

Telephone +34 976 65 21 36
Company data
Management team

Chief Executive Officer: Federico Ávila. Chief Corporate and Financial Officer: Andrés Álvarez. Chief Operations Officer (Building and Infrastructure): Jose Alberto Carrasco. Chief Operations officer (Energy): Julio Masid. Chief Business Development Officer: Luis Manuel Corrales.

Activity Lantania specializes in the construction of heavy civil works (roads, highways, dams, water treatment plants, maritime works, railways and airports), building construction and energy projects. The company began its activity in 2018 with the acquisition of the construction, energy and services business units of the Isolux Corsán Group and the subsequent purchase of the Velasco Group in 2019. Has consolidated its position in the water sector with the acquisitions of the companies Soil Treatment of Industrial Waters and Deisa IWS, subsidiary of Comsa, in 2020; and in the rail market with the acquisition of the track erection company DSV Empresa Constructora y Ferroviaria in 2022. One of the differential characteristics of Lantania is its ability to execute any kind of rail project in an integral way. The company has built more than 150 km of infrastructure, tunnels and railway viaducts, as well as more than 50 traction power substations and more than 1,500 km of overhead line.

Main products and services

Construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure projects (platform, viaducts, tunnels...), track erection, rail electrification (traction power substations, transformation centers and overhead line) and auxiliary systems.

Top products: ELECTRIFICATION: 1. Railway electrification projects. INFRAESTRUCTURE: 2. Modernization of two railway lines in Bulgaria. MAINTENANCE: 3. DSV Construction and Railway Company. TRACK: 4. Manufacture of prestressed concrete railway sleepers.


Activities by year

- Modernization of the Plovdiv-Skutare and Plovdiv-Krumovo railway lines and the Plovdiv railway junction. Renovation of distribution stations, design and construction of the platform, track systems, catenary, and signaling and telecommunications systems.
- Modernisation of the Voliujak-Petarch railway section in Bulgaria. The works will involve the modernisation of 12 km of track between Voluyak and Petarch to adapt the speed of trains to 160 km/h, which requires the construction of new layouts with civil works for the platform and structures, the renovation of the railway track and the traction and catenary system. Renovation of the station in the town of Kostinbrod, renovation and construction of pedestrian subways and a bus stop.
- Typsa. Supply of sleepers for the maintenance of the northwest area of the General Interest Railway Network (RFIG) for access to the new Barcelona Airport terminal and the complete renovation of the Gijón-Laviana, Plasencia del Monte-Ayerbe and Torralba-Soria sections.

Building construction:
- Remodeling and adaptation of the Mérida and Badajoz train stations. Comprehensive reform of accesses and passenger buildings with the aim of providing them with all the necessary services required for the high-speed corridor.
- Construction of the new Albal (Valencia) train station. Construction of two buildings, located at the head of both platforms of 423 m2 each, with access control on both sides and communicated by an underpass.
- Accessibility improvement works at the Ramón y Cajal commuter train station in Madrid.

- Electrification of the Madrid-Extremadura high-speed corridor. Erection of the overhead contact line (catenary) between Plasencia and Peñas Blancas (125 km).
- New traction power substation of Taradell (Barcelona). Supply, installation and commissioning of the electrical equipment for two high voltage connections (25 kV) as well as the transformer, rectifiers, feeders and power supply systems to the catenary and safety installations.
- Construction of a multi-voltage traction power substation for the CAF Group, supplying power in 1,500 Vdc and 750 Vdc in both catenary and third lanes, and with reserved space for single-phase voltage of 25 KVac (50Hz) and 3,000 Vdc.
- Traction power substations for the Pajares bypass: 20kV Transmission line, GIS 400kV substation, 32 transformation centers and 2 20kV autotransformation centers, including telecontrol and maintenance.
- Pola de Lena mobile substation: installation of facilities for mobile substation, 6 feeder outputs 3kVcc, 1 rectifier group 3.3kA and associated auxiliary systems.
- Portalada Substation. GIS type traction power substation in 72.5kV, precast concrete building, auxiliary systems and 7km of track electrification with catenary.
- Commissioning of the Tomeza electrical substation (Pontevedra). Supply of equipment to the existing installation for its conversion into a traction substation that will feed the A Coruña-Vigo Atlantic axis.
- Supply and installation of batteries in the ADIF’s High Speed Network (2020 renewal plan).
- Building of 400kV Transmission line in Totana.

- Construction of the energy and telecommunications facilities for line 9 of the Barcelona Metro, as well as two GIS 400kV substations and 20 traction substations.
- Renovation works on Line 1 of Metrovalencia. Replacement of the existing turnouts with their drives and modification of interlockings and centralised traffic control systems (CTC). Track renewal will also be carried out on several branches and level crossings will be renovated. Replacement of 45 turnouts, the supply and installation of 14,374 prestressed concrete monoblock sleepers and the supply and installation of 24,932 m3 of ballast.

- Preventive and corrective maintenance and auxiliary works of the different electrification facilities of the conventional network in the eastern area of Spain: overhead contact line, traction substations and high voltage power supply lines to traction substations.
- Albacete-Alicante signaling maintenance. Several maintenance works in a line with 160km of double lane.
- Adaptation of traction substations and their high voltage power lines in conventional network to comply with Adif regulations in the Northeast, South, Center and North areas.
- Maintenance of Albacete-Alicante signalling. Actions on a double-rail line with two maintenance bases located in Monforte and Bonete.
- Maintenance service for the contact line, auto-transformer and remote control energy installations, including the installations associated with the high-speed section between Chamartín and Torrejón de Velasco.


Areas Main European and American countries.

Certifications Quality, Environmental Management and RDI: As proof of our commitment to the HSE and QA/QC policies Lantania obtained the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications, in the areas of quality, environment and Health & Safety granted by Aenor. In addition, we have recently obtained the ISO 50001:2018 certification of our energy management system. Lantania has certified its Contingency Plan for Covid-19 with Applus+.

Turnover 255 million Euro
No. of employees 700
Ebitda 16 million Euro.
Activities Infraestructure, Electrification, Others.
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