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Postal address Corporate Headquarter:
Sor Angela de la Cruz, 3
E-28020 Madrid. Spain
Other addresses
Postal address Main offices:
Maintenance Base - Carretera de Llers a Hostalets GIP-5107, km 1
E-17730 Llers. Girona. Spain

Telephone +34 972 67 88 00
Postal address Establishment in France:
Poste de Contrôle LGV Perpignan – Figueras
Chemin de Balmourène
F-66740 Montesquieu-des-Alberes. France

Telephone +33 (0)4 68 68 46 80   
Company data

Linea Figueras Perpignan S.A. or “LFP” is a binational Company whose shareholders are the national infrastructure managers of each country: ADIF and SNCF Réseau. Its object is the operation and maintenance of the double-track high-speed, interoperable and compliant to the TSI, railway line, designed for mixed traffic (passengers and freight), between Figueras and Perpignan. The Operations & Maintenance Contract signed on December 19th 2022 between LFP, the Kingdom of Spain and the French Republic is for a four (4)-year period and an option for two (2) additional years; it expires on December 19th 2028.
LFP is a Spain registered Company and has the quality of Infrastructure Manager. Given the binational character of the Contract, the Company has also a permanent establishment in France.

Management team

Chief Executive Officer: Petros Papaghiannakis
Chief Operating Officer: Petros Papaghiannakis
Chief Administration & Finance Officer: María José Barrado Ortiz.

Activity Maintenance, Operators, Others.
Main products and services


Top products: OPERATORS: 1. International section of rail traffic between Spain and France. 2. The International Section for rolling stock testing and loading/unloading. 3. Locomotive maintenance in Workshop.


Activities by year

The International Section offers significant travel times reductions between Spain and France, while offering a permanent solution to previous travel disruptions on the existing conventional railway networks of the two countries. To date, it is the best solution for trains’ passing between the two countries from both economical and operational points of view. Having a capacity of more than 100 trains per day, the alignment has been designed for a 350 km/h operation speed for passengers’ trains and 120 km/h operation speed for freight trains. The line is mixed traffic, allowing the simultaneous traffic and crossing of high-speed trains travelling at 300 km/h, regional trains travelling between 160 and 250 km/h and freight trains travelling at 100 km/h with no restrictions. Freight trains up to 750 m are authorized, and even up to 850 m if necessary while the maximum authorized axle load is 22,5 t/axle.

Certifications Quality and Environment: In addition to a Safety Authorisation provided by the National Safety Authorities, AESF in Spain and EPSF in France, LFP implements an Integrated Management System (IMS). The system responds to all relevant standards’ requirements: ISO 9001 version 2008, ISO 14 001 version 2004, ISO 45001 version 2018, in addition to the railway safety management system. The IMS enables the Infrastructure Manager to optimize the processes to improve the fulfilment of all legal and contractual obligations.

No. of employees 97
Activities Maintenance, Operators, Others.
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