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Postal address Avda. Burgos, 12 – 7ª Planta
E 28036 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 302 95 40 Fax +34 91 768 04 08 E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

Chairman: César Cañedo-Argüelles. CEO: Jaime Cañedo-Argüelles. Civil Engineering Area Manager: Fernando Acero. Railway Systems Area Mananger: Luis Álvaro Rodríguez. Industrial Area Manager: Oscar Domingo. Airports Area Manager: José Luis Martín.

Activity Engineering firm highly specialized in the railway industry and specifically its facilities and systems, which is also active in the industrial and airport sectors.

Main products and services

Inse Rail, since its foundation in 1994, has supplied its customers with consultancy and engineering services during the different stages of planning, design, building and exploitation of investments.
Inse Rail participates in the Spanish and international development of the High Speed Rail and metropolitan transportation, with a strong specialization in electrification, signalling, security and communication systems, and other railway transport installations.
Inse Rail has a multi-faceted team of experts in civil engineering, electric engineering, mechanics and telecommunications, who provide each individual customer with the service and commitment to achieve their objectives.
Inse Rail is at the forefront of technology and maintains a strong commitment to innovation, evidenced by its systematic participation in R&D programs in collaboration with Universities and Technological Research Centers, creating and maintaining proprietary tools to respond to the needs and technical challenges of our activity.


Top product: ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING: Construction project for the complete remodeling of the Grisén station.


Activities by year

Activities in 2021:

High-Speed and Conventional Lines
-    Construction project for the complete remodeling of the Grisén station.
-    Construction project for the actions determined by the study on the barrier effect of the existing single track between Vandellós and L'Hospitalet de L'Infant and Port Aventura.
-    Construction project for the remodeling of the Valencia Logistics Center Fuente San Luis. Phase 1.
-    Detailed design project of the control, command and signalling subsystem associated with the Master Plan for the Galician Railway Network, Northwest Plan (2017-2025)
-    Projects to modify overpasses and tunnels for installation of falling object detectors and improvement of overpasses. lot 1: north
-    Platform adaptation project of the L/520A Aljucén-Badajoz in the Montijo 1 connection with the Madrid-Extremadura High Speed Line
-    Safety study related to the circulation of trains with reflective plate type tail signals in the area of the General Interest Railway Network
-    Design project for width change and adaptations for ADIF of the new high-speed rail access to the east on the Xátiva-Nudo de la Teja section. Madrid-Castilla la Mancha-Community of Valencia-Region of Murcia High Speed Train
-    Preliminary design of the "Urban Integration of the Chichilla-Cartagena Line in Alcantarilla and Javalí Nuevo (Murcia)" for the Ministry of Development through the Subdirectorate General of Railway Planning.
-    Technical assistance to the Directorate General for Public Works, Transport and Mobility in the area of technical advice on railway safety. Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility (Generalitat Valenciana).
-    Management and monitoring of maintenance work on Adif's cable network. Lot 1.
-    Project Management and support of the integrated management of the processes related to the construction of the Medina and Mecca workshops, in regard to civil works and facilities, as well as interfaces with other techniques (Saudi Arabia).
-    Technical assistance for the monitoring and control of the works for the broadcasting of the new digital asfa frequencies for the stop pre-announcement, caution announcement and stop limit zone control aspects.
-    Technical assistance in the control and supervision of the work "adaptation of the automatic balise blocking system in the San Cristóbal - Aranjuez section of line 300 Madrid Chamartín - Valencia Estació del Nord".
-    Technical Assistance for the design projects and execution of works for the interlocking installations, train protection systems, centralized traffic control, auxiliary detection systems, power supply system, fixed telecommunications, mobile telecommunications, protection and security installations and affections of the Nudo de la Encina-Xàtiva-Valencia section of the Mediterranean Corridor.
-    Technical assistance to the works on the safety, communications, energy and civil works installations and the implementation of the GSM-R Mobile communications system on the Humanes-Monfragüe section.
-    Technical assistance for the control and supervision of the works for the electrical traction substation and the associated transformation centers, remote power control of the Salamanca - Fuentes de Oñoro stretch.
-    Technical assistance to the works related to the design project of the Murcia-Almeria high speed Mediterranean corridor for ADIF on the Nonduermas-Sangonera section
-    Management, auditing and coordination of the safety of the signaling and telecommunications works in several sections of the Portuguese National Railway Network.

Metro and Tramways
-    Detailed design projects for the improvement of evacuation and ventilation conditions in case of fire in the subway suburban stations of Embajadores, Getafe Centro and Parla (Metro de Madrid).
-    Project management of the Train-Tramway installations from Chiclana de la Frontera to San Fernando de Cadiz.
-    Technical engineering support service for the execution of projects associated with Metro de Madrid´s Station Plan 2017-2022
-    Technical assistance for the renovation of substations due to technological obsolescence and presence of ACM of Metro de Madrid.
-    Technical assistance for the comprehensive maintenance of the track superstructure of Metro de Madrid.
-    Technical assistance to support the rolling stock engineering unit for Metro de Barcelona
-    Technical assistance and engineering of spare parts and installations of the facilities maintenance area of Metro de Madrid.
-    Service of identification and characterization of asbestos in the Metro de Barcelona network.
-    Service to provide environmental analysis for the determination of asbestos fibers and other fibers in the environment, in the technical rooms of Metro de Madrid.



Innovations in 2021:

Hyperstrooct Project
In 2021, Inse Rail launched, in collaboration with the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology), the HYPERSTROOCT innovation project.

The goal of this innovation project is to design and develop a computerized system to simulate the structural response and vehicle-structure interaction for Hyperloop viaducts, making it possible to automate the design calculations of the viaducts in order to evaluate and then build them.

The many innovative goals of this project include resolving the problem of structural analysis of vehicle movement along viaducts or similar infrastructure in the Hyperloop system, and also determining the predicted response for the structure and the vehicle in terms of movement, deformation, stress and strain. It is also essential to obtain results that can be applied to the engineering, such making it possible to study alternatives that are comparable to each other in order to assess the required construction time and the necessary investment, or planning the line and its division into sections based on the route specifications and surrounding conditions.

The HYPERSTROOCT project is being developed by INSE RAIL, and is expected to be operational in 2023.

Asfatool Project
In 2019, Inse Rail launched, in collaboration with the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology), the ASFATOOL innovation project, a software tool that makes it possible to analyze, calculate and validate the ASFA systems on conventional railways.

The ASFATOOL project seeks to solve the current safety limitations affecting the Digital ASFA system. The tool obtained facilitates the validation of ASFA systems in terms of safety, considering both the infrastructure and the characteristics of the rolling stock transiting it, in terms of size, speed and number (evaluating traffic management situations).

The ASFATOOL project has been developed by a consortium made up of INSE RAIL and Airtren, and it is operational since 2021.


Areas Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, United States.

Certifications Quality, Environment, Health and Safety: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) * ISO 14001:2015 (Environment) * ISO 45001:2018 (Health and Safety)

No. of employees 98 (end of 2021)
Share capital 5.235.902,63 Euros (end of 2021)
R&D Investment 371.097 Euros (end of 2021)
Sales 8,2 million Euros (end of 2021)
Activities Engineering and consulting.
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