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Postal address Passeig Sant Gervasi, 27
E-08022 Barcelona. Spain
Telephone +34 93 415 98 65   E-mail Web  
Company data

IN-MOVE by Railgrup is currently a member of:  

UITP (International Association of Public Transport)
ERCI (European Railway Cluster Initiative)
PTFE (Spanish Railway Technology Platform)
BRONZE LABEL European Union.
ECCP-European Cluster Collaboration Plattform
Spanish Businness Association UK
Rail Alliance UK  


MINETUR, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.
ACCIÓ, Agency for the Competitiveness of the company of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
ALAMYS, Latin American Association of Metro and Subways.
CENIT, Center for Transport Innovation.
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona
Official College of Telecommunications Engineers.
College of engineers of roads, channels and ports of Catalonia.
Enginyers industrials de Catalunya.
FETEIA, Spanish Federation of Freight Forwarders.
FENAEIC, National Federation of Groups of Innovative Companies and clusters. Foundation of the Spanish Railways.
CIAC, Cluster of l'Autonoció de Catalunya.
PFP, Portuguese Railway Platform.
INNO-PRO, Innovationsnetværket for Produktion Cen-Sec.
Denmark Transportail Canada.
Fundación Fórum Ambiental.
PNO Consultants

Management team

President: Isaac Albert. Cluster Manager: Ignasi Gómez-Belinchón. Project Managers: Daniel Fernández de Soto and Clementine Suraud Kiffer

Board of Directors:
SMEs: Integral Design & Development, MASATS, ROLEN, GREENFLEX
Administation: ATM,, Direcció General del Transport
Tech Centre: EURECAT

Activity Our slogan “Mobility or nothing”, is the essence and strategy which drives us to work aiming to improve mobility in the railway sector.
Action, dynamism, initiative, mobility. Since 2002, IN-MOVE by Railgrup has become a benchmark cluster not only in the railway ecosystem but in the transport sector in general. Through innovation, technological excellence, cross-sectoral knowledge, and the development of joint projects, we help our members establishing key points and improving their business competitiveness. IN-MOVE by Railgrup has different workgroups and currently gathers more than 125 members including public operators, engineering firms, start-ups, sensor-mobility systems, OEMs, cybersecurity, and rail infrastructure suppliers.
IN-MOVE by Railgrup applies its recognized return of value strategy based on innovation through the identification of scenarios that provide competitive advantage and improvement for the sector, focused on the final customer of railway mobility.
Selective Networking, knowledge Management, and Institutional representation.
Internationalization with a special focus on SMEs and R&D projects are the main return on value.

Main products and services

Tailored workgroups and task forces, workshops and tech days, International Fairs participation program, Matchmaking events, funding search scheme, business development, international missions, newsletter and marketing services, selective networking at managerial levels, international tender up to date information, Market intelligence, R&D Advisory, Cross-sectoral project stimulation.


Top products: BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS: 1. European Projects Bureau– STARS, ENTRANCE, EXXTRA, MODI.  2. Workgroups - In-Move by Railgrup.


Activities by year

- Search and analysis of the feasibility of projects and financing for partners.
- Promotion of communication and cooperation between partners to create synergies.
- Promotion of subsidy programs and export aid.
- IN-MOVE by Railgrup Academy. Training plan: organization of courses, workshops, B2B's, conferences and technical visits, workshops related to R+D+i, internationalization days, strategic days and other networking days held with partners.
- Organization and participation in fairs such as Innotrans, Smart Mobility World Congress, Go Mobility, EcoMobility WC, Advanced Factories, Rail Live.
- Organization of the European ERCI Innovation Railway Award.
- Direct dialogue with public administrations, institutions and organizations of the railway sector.
- Market Intelligence and Internationalization: carrying out studies of business opportunities and business missions abroad with the support of the administration.
- Promotion and dissemination through media and social networks.

Areas Worldwide.

Turnover > 13.000 million euros
No. of employees > 140.000. Work groups created: 8
Results Projects launched: 19
Funding achieved: 10 million euros
Networking between partners: 240
Activities Business associations.
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