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Postal address c\Illa de Buda, 4.
08192. Sant Quirze del Vallès. Barcelona. Spain.
Telephone +34 93 727 39 90   E-mail   Web  
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Management team

CEO: Ismael Doménech Sánchez.
CFO: Laura Doménech Sánchez.
Director Técnico: Jordi Gibergans
Director de proyectos: Javier Algora

Activity Engineering and Consulting, Maintenance.

The railway sector has enormously valuable assets: rolling stock, stations, structures, urban furniture, etc., assets that have to be safeguarded against vandalism, atmospheric pollution, climatic factors and the wear that they suffer due to intensive use.

For more than 30 years IPL has been providing solutions to the preservation of materials for urban infrastructures. The demanding railway sector, as a large group of satisfied clients, has led us into other equally demanding sectors, such as that of civil and public works.

Our vision: to be number one in the market of chemical innovations to protect the skin of our cities.

Today, IPL is a synonym for high performance chemical technology and innovative models for the preservation of materials, designed to measure.

Main products and services


Our clients benefit from tried and tested solutions and from technical advice in turnkey projects. Success is based on a 360º perspective: from designing the technical specification, passing through the identification of compatible chemical technology, to developing those technologies so that they can meet the requirements of the client’s project.

Our clear vision has stimulated us to invest tremendous efforts in research for the identification of chemical systems, their validation through laboratory tests and pilot trials, and their subsequent established homologation.

Currently we are also involved in product design with important international firms. Services of the transfer of knowledge in high added value chemical technology, applied for the protection and preservation of materials, have been determinant in helping our clients to achieve their targets through comprehensively focused and innovative solutions.

In the most demanding and complex conditions IPL is capable of producing the most effective preservation solutions for our clients, always from an environmental perspective.

The value of IPL can be summarised as a chain of three links, resulting in an unequalled capacity: world category chemical technologies + the development of application procedures + an unceasing commitment to the state of the art = innovation in models for the preservation of materials with the use of differentiated references.

We have been doing all this for more than 30 years and it is what we want to go on doing. We constantly challenge ourselves to push the frontiers of chemical technologies and transfer innovation to the sector of preservation of materials, particularly in railway and architectural situations. We bring science within reach for all our clients.


Top products: ENGINEERING AND CONSULTANCY: 1. System for the removal of painted murals on rolling stock outside the washing facility, without water and with zero waste. 2. Consultancy on turnkey projects. 3. Homologation as added value. 4. Design and preparation of manuals on the maintenance of materials and coatings.


Activities by year

-    Design and implementation of a new methodology for the removal of graffiti murals on rolling stock, outside the washing facility, without using water and with Zero Waste at the removal site.

-    Development of advanced chemical technologies for selective paint stripping, where the chemical attributes of the products have been formulated and validated so that they meet all the most demanding requirements on safety at work and environmental security. Their efficiency and effectiveness have been optimised, balancing them with the restrictions on compatibility with finish coatings, to guarantee thus greater durability.

-    Identification, validation and application of different protective coatings and specific rust-resistant paints for steel for use in stations in marine surroundings, with procedures designed under standards for these situations.

-    Preparation of turnkey projects for the implementation of systems for the prevention of deterioration and the validation of coating systems, under compliance with international standards.

-    Writing manuals on the preservation and maintenance of technical coverings with specific properties.

-    A study entitled “Damage due to graffiti painted on railway coach bodywork” identifies and describes the principal mechanisms of damage to bodywork involved in maintenance processes to correct the graffiti, for legal claims by the client.

-    Identification and validation of fire-retardant chemical systems for cork panels in architectural use on facades, by means of internal tests and in certification laboratories, accredited for undertaking trials on reaction to fire and smoke, under regulations.



IPL has designed and implemented an innovative model for the removal of graffiti from the outsides of train bodywork, away from the washing facility, without using water and with “zero waste” at the removal site. This model is the only way to maintain railway moving stock free of graffiti all 365 days of the year, in offering an answer in under 24 hours. The innovative model for removal is based on safe and sustainable processes, fundamentally the use of advanced chemical technology and following criteria of the circular economy.

Traditionally, the removal of graffiti from the outsides of trains has required very large consumption of water and the use of chemical products of very low specialization. Products that are harmful and hazardous for operators and users, pollutants for the environment and aggressive with the finishes on the train bodywork. All this has meant operating in washing facilities with special water purification systems, with the high costs associated with the logistics of train movements and operational stoppages for train units.

In this context, we challenged ourselves to develop an alternative and innovative model, perfectly fitting into the European framework, which is aimed at encouraging the growth of railway infrastructures as an answer to the problem of more sustainable urban and interurban mobility. This model, as well as being perfectly aligned with environmental needs, harmonises operational features with the demands for the appearance of railway units free of graffiti.

This avant-garde methodology is founded on the use of high-performance chemical technologies for paint stripping which allow discrimination between the different layers. Also, the chemical properties of the products and procedures have been developed and approved so that they meet the most demanding conditions at the level of working and environmental safety. And their efficiency and effectiveness have been optimised, balancing them with the restrictions on compatibility with bodywork finish coatings, to guarantee thus greater durability.

The product technology allows us to design innovative service models, adaptable to the service conditions of each operator. Models that are highly effective, can be scaled up, are safe, environmentally sustainable and have a determinant impact in the saving of costs associated with the logistics of train movements and the “loss of revenues” due to having units immobilised. Models that make it possible for our railway clients to keep their rolling stock available and free of graffiti 365 days a year, by giving a response < 24h; minimising the logistics of train movements in operating outside the washing facility, wherever they may be needed; without using water, without creating waste and without needing electricity.


Areas National & International.

Certifications ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 emitido por LL-C Certification.

Activities Engineering and consulting, Maintenance.
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