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(Técnica y Proyectos, S.A.)

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Postal address La Gomera, 9
E-28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes. Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 722 73 00   Fax +34 91 651 75 88   E-mail Web  
Company data
Management team

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Pablo Bueno Tomás.  International Coordination: Pedro Gómez Prad. Global Director - Transport Infrastructure: Rafael Moran Soto. Head of Railway Engineering: Aitor Ezquerra Boado.

Activity Engineering, Architecture and Consulting Services for Urban and Interurban Rail Transport.

Main products and services

Economic and transport studies. Environmental impact assessment. Preliminary design and feasibility studies. Detailed design. Tender support services (studies and designs). Construction supervision services. Project and construction management. Land acquisition management. Right-of-way. Operation and maintenance support services. Technical reports. Concession and PPP studies.


Top products: ENGINEEERING AND CONSULTING: 1. Toronto LRT.  2. Dar es Salaam – Mwanza Railway line, Tanzania.


Activities by year

Activity in 2022:

In the Middle East, TYPSA continues to provide services in Saudi Arabia to Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) supervising the new Jubail – Damman railway lines, the Jubail Internal Rail Network and the North Border Line, all of which form part of the Saudi Arabian railway network expansion plans. In Israel, we are working on projects on the northern section of the Brown Line and on a section of the Blue Line on the Light Metro network, in Jerusalem.

In Africa, TYPSA is preparing the detailed design of the Tabora-Isaka railway section, in Tanzania.

In North America, in Canada, we are providing design and supervision services for the construction of the tunnels in the Eglinton Crosstown West LRT extension in Toronto. In USA, we are working on the tender designs for the design, construction and maintenance over a period of 30 years of the High Speed Railway line track and systems between San Jose and Bakersfield, California.

In Latin America, work continued on the detailed designs for metro lines 2 and 4 in Lima, Peru. In Mexico, design supervision of the suburban railway expansion between Lechería Station and Felipe Ángeles International Airport is being carried out. In Brazil, we are overseeing the São Paulo Metro Line 6 (Orange) project.

In Europe, in Sweden, TYPSA is participating in the design of the Kungsträdgården to Nacka and Gullmarsplan section of the Stockholm metro extension, as well as construction support services. In the United Kingdom, work continues on the design of sections S1 and S2 of the HS2 high speed line between London and Birmingham, awarded to the consortium that includes TYPSA. In addition, TYPSA is participating in the Lot 3 preliminary design for the Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds extension. In Portugal, we are participating in the design to quadruple Lisbon´s Cintura ring railway line between Roma/Areeiro and Braço de Prata, and to modernise the North Line between Braço de Prata and Sacavém. In Ireland, we are providing consulting services for the remodelling and expansion of the 20 km Kildare line in the Dublin area rapid transit network (DART).

In Asia, in Kyrgyzstan we are working on the National Strategic Plan for Railways, the Feasibility Study for the new 200 km long railway line between Balykchy and Karankechenskoye and the upgrade of the existing 180 km long railway line between Bishkek and Balychy. In India, TYPSA is providing project and construction management services for the new Kanpur Metro and Agra Metro networks.  The scope includes a total of 62 km on 4 lines, with 57 stations and 4 depots. We are also carrying out the detailed design and construction management of the section between Digras and Palshi stations on the new Yavatmal-Nanded railway line in the state of Maharashtra.

In Australia, we continue working with Sydney Metro providing Independent Certifier services for the second phase of Sydney Metro City & Southwest, together with the detailed design and technical support during the construction of the tunnel and the excavation sites of 5 stations, corresponding to the 11 km twin central section of the Sydney Metro West Line, between The Bays and Sydney Olympic Park stations.

Ongoing works in Spain include the preliminary and detailed design of the Campo Grande High Speed Station in Valladolid.

In Madrid, the major railway and urban development known as “Madrid Nuevo Norte” sees TYPSA supervising the expansion and remodelling of high-speed tracks and platforms, together with the passenger building, which houses activity in all areas of the station, lobbies, platforms, new tracks, passenger waiting rooms and commuter connections, as well as a new high-speed technical building. We are also carrying out the construction management and supervision of the extension of the Madrid metro line 11.

In Galicia, we are engaged in the construction supervision of the comprehensive renovation works on the stretch of railway between Guillarei station (Pontevedra) and the Portuguese border. We are also preparing detailed designs for the extension of freight train sidings up to a useful length of 750 m, at the stations on the León-Monforte de Lemos section of the Leon-A Coruña railway line.

In Valencia, we are carrying out the construction supervision of the works at the Intermodal and Logistics Terminal of Valencia-Fuente San Luis.  We are also collaborating on the construction supervision of the works for the Integration of the High-Speed railway infrastructure in Valencia. The scope includes taking the railway accesses to Joaquin Sorolla and Valencia Nord stations underground. We continue with the detailed design for tunnel and station infrastructure and superstructure renewal on Metro Valencia lines and the design of Line 10, as well as the construction supervision, and health and safety supervision and coordination on the Alicante-Rampa Amado Granell and Rampa Amado Granell-Nazaret sections.

In Mallorca, we are carrying out the preliminary study of the rehabilitation of the Migjorn railway line, in Mallorca.

In Esukadi, we continue with the detailed design for Lezo Intermodal Terminal in Gipuzkoa. We are also involved in the construction supervision services for the new railway station in Usurbil, Gipuzkoa and continue providing construction supervision services in Bizkaia for the Elorrio - Elorrio section of the Vitoria - Bilbao - San Sebastian high speed line trackbed works.
In Castilla y León, we are carrying out the detailed design of the trackbed on the Madrid-Basque Country-French border high-speed line between Piernigas and Pancorbo.  

We are managing health and safety coordination for the maintenance and improvement works on the conventional railway network in ADIF´s north-east and east operations areas.

In Sevilla, we are involved in preparing designs for the southern section of Seville Metro line 3 and the project and construction management of the completion of the railway system to Alcala de Guadaira.



Innovation in 2022.

Completed: *DI0931 ACOM-SR. Advanced constitutive models for soils and rocks; *DI0935 SIMUTRANS. Optimisation of passenger flows in transport interchanges using microsimulation; *DI0937 AP-MI-C3D. Automation of various processes in the construction of BIM models of linear infrastructure; *DI0942 TDA. Digital platform for program management of Tren Maya project.

Ongoing: *DI0808 TYPSA-BIM-PM-2022/23. New functionalities for the construction and project management multi-device support platform; *DI0814 PARACUS. Design and calculation parameterisation for recurring structures; *DI0816 SIMTRACC. New capabilities and methodological development of traction simulations in Railway Systems; *DI0823 INFRARISK. Platform for risk analysis and decision support for investment decisions and infrastructure lifecycle planning; *DI0872 CFD-VENTILATION-SHAFTS. Methodology for advanced computational fluid simulation (CFD) in ventilation (integration in civil works); *DI0892 WLC. Monetary and environmental costs associated with the infrastructure construction and operation phases integrated in a collaborative environment supported by BIM methodology; *DI0922 CSI. Infrastructure sustainability certification. Development of phases to achieve the first international sustainability accreditation for a TYPSA Group infrastructure design; *DI0938 SIMOV. Combined development of pedestrian and vehicle mobility simulations; *DI0939 BE-ACCESS-VR. Virtual Reality applied to the evaluation of accessibility and emergency conditions with a demonstration project in a Metro station; *DI0941 AUTM.MFDI. Automation of processes in BIM model federation and clash detection; *DI0944 INFRAZERODT. Zero model. Digital models as starting data in infrastructure projects; *DI0946 ENHANCFRC. Characterisation and optimisation enhancements for the design of fibre-reinforced concrete elements in tunnels and underground works; *DI0851 CRC-HOLOBUILDER. Reality capture during construction with the Holobuilder tool.

Areas North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa.
Certifications TYPSA has the following certifications:
Quality, Environment, OH&S, R&D and BIM: ISO 9001:2015 certified by AENOR. ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management, certified by AENOR, UNE 166002:2014 - R&D Management, certified by AENOR. TYPSA´s Occupational Health and Safety Management system is ISO 45001:2018 certified. TYPSA´s BIM Information Management System is ISO 19650 19650/ 2 certified. Its Anti-Bribery Management System is ISO 37001:2016 certified by AENOR.

Turnover 325.13 million Euro
No. of employees 3,222 (yearly average)
Share capital 2.4 million Euro
R&D Investment 2.1 million Euro
Results 47.64 million Euro
Equity 154.3 million Euro
Activities Engineering and consulting, Others.
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