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(Técnica y Proyectos, S.A.)

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Postal address La Gomera, 9
E-28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes. Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 722 73 00 Fax +34 91 651 75 88 E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Pablo Bueno Tomás Deputy CEO: Julio Grande Flórez. Global Director - International Coordination: Pedro Gómez Prad. Global Director - Transport Infrastructure: Rafael Moran Soto. Head of Railway Engineering: Aitor Ezquerra Boado.

Activity Engineering, Architecture and Consulting Services for Urban and Interurban Rail Transport.

Main products and services

Economic and transport studies. Environmental impact assessment. Preliminary design and feasibility studies. Detailed design. Tender support services (studies and designs). Construction supervision services. Project and construction management. Land acquisition management. Right-of-way. Operation and maintenance support services. Technical reports. Concession and PPP studies.


Top products: ENGINEEERING AND CONSULTING: 1. Maya Train. 2. Dhaka Subway.


Activities by year

Activity in 2020: In the Middle East, TYPSA continues to provide services in Saudi Arabia to Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) supervising the new Jubail – Damman railway lines, the Jubail Internal Rail Network and the North Border Line, all of which form part of the Saudi Arabian railway network expansion plans. In Israel, we are working on projects on the northern section of the Brown Line and on a section of the Blue Line on the Light Metro network, in Jerusalem.

In Africa, TYSPA is conducting studies for the rehabilitation and upgrade of the Dakar - Bamako Railway between Senegal and Mali and rail upgrade studies for the Bélabo-Ngaoundéré line in Cameroon.

In North America, in Canada, we are preparing the tender designs for the Edmonton West Valley light rail and for the Eglinton and Scarborough tunnels on the Toronto Metro. In USA, we are working on the tender designs for the design, construction and maintenance over a period of 30 years of the High Speed Railway line track and systems between San Jose and Bakersfield, California and for the new Sepulveda Transit Corridor metro line in Los Angeles, California.

In Latin America, work continued on the detailed designs for metro lines 2 and 4 in Lima, Peru. In Mexico, TYPSA has worked on the Tren Maya project providing technical advice for the overall design and supervising basic engineering for the 7 sections that run through the Yucatan peninsula, as well as project and construction supervision on sections 1 to 5. In Brazil, we are overseeing the São Paulo Metro Line 6 (Orange) project.

In Europe, in Sweden, TYPSA is participating in the design of the Kungsträdgården to Nacka and Gullmarsplan section of the Stockholm metro extension, as well as in the tender design for the rail section between Jakobshyttan and Degerön on the conventional Hallsberg-Degerön mixed traffic line. In the United Kingdom, work continues on the design of sections S1 and S2 of the HS2 high speed line between London and Birmingham, awarded to the consortium that includes TYPSA. In addition, TYPSA is participating in the Lot 3 preliminary design for the Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds extension. In Portugal, design work has continued on the new Evora-Elvas line, on the Covilha-Guarda section upgrade, and on the railway infrastructure adaptation works in Mato Miranda. In Norway, work continues on the Feasibility Study for the Oslo-Tønsberg line, Drammen–Kobbervikdalen section. In Belgium, we completed the detailed design for the remodelling of Genval and Profondsar stations and we are working on the detailed design for the renovation of platforms at Boitsfort and Groenendaal commuter rail stations. In Croatia, studies for the upgrade and construction of a second track on the Dugo Selo-Novska railway line section continued. In Ireland, we are providing consulting services for the remodelling and expansion of the 20 km Kildare line in the Dublin area rapid transit network (DART). In Latvia, we are working to modernise and improve Riga Central Station to convert it into a multimodal hub within the city.

In South Asia, in India, TYPSA is providing project and construction management services for the new Kanpur Metro and Agra Metro networks.  The scope includes a total of 62 km on 4 lines, with 57 stations and 4 depots. In Bangladesh, TYPSA is working on the feasibility study and preliminary design for the new underground metro in Dhaka. In Malaysia, we are providing technical advisory services for the cost optimisation study of the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore High Speed Line Project. In Thailand, we are providing technical advisory services on the preliminary design of the new 220 km long high-speed rail line linking the three Bangkok airports (Don Mueang, Suvarnabhumi and U-Tapao).

In Australia, we continue working with Sydney Metro providing Independent Certifier services for the second phase of Sydney Metro City & Southwest.

Ongoing works in Spain include the preliminary and detailed design of the Campo Grande High Speed Station in Valladolid; detailed design for tunnel and station infrastructure and superstructure renewal on Metro Valencia lines and the design of Line 10, as well as the construction supervision, and health and safety supervision and coordination on the Alicante-Rampa Amado Granell and Rampa Amado Granell-Nazaret sections. We are preparing detailed designs for the extension of freight train sidings up to a useful length of 750 m, at the stations on the León-Monforte de Lemos section of the Leon-A Coruña railway line and the detailed design for Lezo Intermodal Terminal in Gipuzkoa. TYPSA is providing Construction management support for 8 construction projects in the ETS (Euskal Trenbide Sarea - Basque Railways) network, and for the new Sant Andreu Comtal commuter rail station in Barcelona. We are delivering design review and construction supervision services for the remodelling of the Plaça d’Espanya transport interchange in Barcelona We continue providing construction supervision services in Bizkaia for the Elorrio - Elorrio section of the Vitoria - Bilbao - San Sebastian high speed line trackbed works. We continue with the analysis of impedance bonds in the Madrid Metro network. We are managing health and safety coordination for the maintenance and improvement works on the conventional railway network in ADIF’s north-east and east operations areas. Construction and commissioning support for the signalling, communications, energy and ATP (Automatic Train Protection) systems continues on the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat line 9, in Alicante.


Innovation in 2020.  Completed: *DI0803 TYPSA-BIM-PM -2020. New mobile app version with enhanced functionality for daily reports, plant and equipment logs and on-site inspection reports; *DI0820 MODELCLAY. Overconsolidated plastic clays in underground works. Support application for geotechnical parameters and modelling methodology; *DI0833 ESTRATYCAD-EV1. Improvements to the Estratycad program for generating files/records and profiles/stratigraphic columns; *DI0875 VIAPLACAFC Ballastless track design and analysis methodology; *DI0881 NUMMIMHUMO. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools for smoke analysis.

Ongoing: *DI0800 HYPERLOOP-CIVIL. Conceptual study of infrastructure components (sidings) for Hyperloop operation; *DI0808 TYPSA-BIM-PM -2021. Improvement and expansion of the project and construction management support platform; *DI0813 RV(VR)2 New applications for the inclusion of virtual reality in the infrastructure and buildings design process; *DI0821 GTSI. New Fire Safety methodologies; *DI0825. LEAN-TY. Analysis of Lean Methodology implementation in TYPSA; *DI0830 REDCONNECT. Additional features for electricity network infrastructure studies: reactive power compensation, resonance, insulation coordination and grounding; *DI0842 TYPSAFORMAT Generating an item and specification database according to international classification (Masterformat); *DI0872 CFD-CONFORT. A working methodology for advanced computational fluid simulation (CFD) for air conditioning (comfort) and ventilation (integration in civil works); *DI0892 WLC. Whole infrastructure lifecycle integrated as a design and informed decision-making tool. Monetary and environmental-CO2 costs related to infrastructure construction and operation, in a collaborative BIM environment; *DI0931 ACOM-SR. Advanced constitutive models for soil and rock; *DI0935 MICROSIMULATION-TRANSPORT INTERCHANGES. Microsimulation for optimising passenger flows in transport interchanges; *DI0936 SENSO-INTEL. Development of an innovative solution for the early detection of slope movement in railway networks.

Areas North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Certifications Certifications: TYPSA is certified as follows:
Quality, environment and R&D: ISO 9001:2015 certified by AENOR. Environmental Management is ISO 14001:2015 certified by AENOR, our R&D Management System is UNE 166002:2014 certified by AENOR. TYPSA´s Occupational Health and Safety Management system is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. Our Anti-Bribery Management System is ISO 3700:2016certified by AENOR.

Turnover 239,44 million Euro
No. of employees 2.832 (yearly average)
Share capital 2.4 million Euro
R&D Investment 2,1 million Euro
Results 21,00 million Euro
Equity 119,5 million Euro
Activities Engineering and consulting, Others.
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