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Postal address Pº de la Habana, 138
E-28036 Madrid. Spain
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A reference in engineering and consultancy in the field of sustainable mobility and digital transformation, Ineco has been designing comprehensive, innovative, and technological solutions for 50 years that have enabled progress to be made towards a new, more sustainable and safer model of mobility. Solutions that contribute directly to improving the quality of life of millions of people.

Management team

Presidency:  Sergio Vázquez Torrón. Engineering and Consultancy General Director: Patricia Rey. National Business General Director: Moisés Gilaberte. International Business General Director: Ainhoa Zubieta. Organization and Corporate Services  General Director: Magdalena Bodelón. Corporate Coordination Executive Director: Celestino Rodríguez. General Secretary: Alberto Torró. Strategy and Management Control Director: Daniel Latorre.  Innovation and Product Development Director: Ana Rojo.

Activity Reference Engineering and consultancy company in sustainable mobility and digital transformation.

Main products and services

Thanks to its comprehensive, multidisciplinary and technological approach, Ineco has remained a leading player in Spain in the railway sector, with a solid track record that began more than 50 years ago. Among the main projects carried out at national level are the continuation of the works for the modernisation and extension of Atocha Station, the works carried out at Ourense station, the extension of Valencia-Joaquín Sorolla station and the design of the works for the construction of the access canal to Valencia. The construction and commissioning of the high-speed line to Murcia and the new Atocha-Chamartín tunnel should be highlighted. On the other hand, in the international field, Ineco continues to work on large projects such as Rail Baltica, the consultancy project for the Paso de los Toros works in Uruguay, the Tren Maya in Mexico, and the analysis and evaluation of the technical regulations for Centralny Port Komunikacyjny Sp.z o.o. (CPK) and in the deployment and development of the ERTMS system on the nine main European corridors for the European Commission.




Activities by year

The liberalisation of the railway sector in Spain, getting back to normal after Covid-19 and the growing investment in the sector sponsored by the arrival of the funds associated with the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism have accelerated the need for changes and advances in the sector. Changes that Ineco has had to not only adapt to, but also promote in its role as the General State Administration`s own medium.
As part of the progress towards the aforementioned liberalisation of the network, during the year work continued on the drafting of the projects for the modernisation and extension of the Atocha station, the projects for the Ourense station, the Valencia-Joaquín Sorolla extension and the design of actions for the construction of the Valencia access canal were completed. Ineco has also played an active part in the execution and successful commissioning of the high-speed line to Murcia and the new Atocha-Chamartín tunnel, and continues to work actively on the access to Asturias and the improvement of the Ourense-Monforte-Lugo line.
At the same time, activities related to those challenges that commit us to sustainability have increased, with work as important for society as the start of a pilot project for the implementation of ERTMS on non-main lines, the design of a photovoltaic plant for ADIF in Miraflores de la Sierra and the performance of energy audits also for ADIF with the aim of reducing consumption.

Collaborative projects: works in which Ineco participates in coordination with other companies to achieve a common goal.

Shift2Rail is the European Commission's sectoral program devoted to innovation in the railway sector. Ineco participates in it through its Open Calls, of which it has been awarded as part of several consortiums.

-OPTIMAL (2019-2022)
Develops several rail traffic control center demonstrators as specified by the Shift2Rail program. Ineco participates together with ADIF supporting our shareholder in the implementation of its demonstrator.

HORIZON 2020 Program

-RAILGAP (2020-2023)
It continues the work started with ERSAT GGC and addresses the integration of various sensors (GNSS, LIDAR, etc.) to define the "Ground Truth" of the train position. Ineco is leading the ground truth definition work package.

Strategic Line Projects of the State Research Agency (AEI)

-SMART BRIDGE (2021-2024)
Ineco, in collaboration with the Universities of Cordoba (UCO) and Granada (UGR) presented in May 2021 a proposal with the aim to meet the challenges identified in the strategic line "Predictive maintenance of infrastructure through intelligent systems" of the call for Strategic Line Projects of the State Research Agency (AEI) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The action is financed by EU NextGen funds through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Europe´s Rail JU programme

- ERJU (2022-2026)
The ERJU programme brings together all the innovation in the railway sector sponsored by the European Commission. A Partnership has been established between the Commission and the European railway industry to promote the railway of the future. Ineco participates as an affiliate of ADIF. Throughout 2022 ERJU launched the first call for projects of its multi-year programme of works (2022-2026). Ineco was part of 5 proposals and all of them were awarded the contract.

Internal projects: Since 2011 Ineco has invested in its own projects for the development of high value-added products and services. Some of the projects to be highlighted in 2022 are:

Linear routing tool with machine learning, applied only to high speed and hyperloop, for the development of a tool capable of routing linear infrastructure in a few minutes, manually and automatically, characterising them, reflecting whether the infrastructure sections are above ground, elevated or underground.

- iPackage Factor Humano (iPackage Human Factor):
Incident analysis tool for railway operating environments related to human performance factors. Tools and methodologies development for the identification of critical factors affecting human performance, enabling the analysis of human fatigue, and providing an environment for the analysis of changes and their impact on human behaviour.

- Methodology for the identification of operational requirements and their transformation into ERTMS design rules:
Development based on the characterisation of operational requirements and their transformation into design rules in an automatic way.

- Efficient of railway infrastructure in BIM:
Automated creation of IFC files from the digitalisation of the infrastructure to generate a 3D twin in BIM.

- GEOF (Efficient Rail Operations Management):
Model to identify failure modes of infrastructure equipment and critical elements from a timeliness point of view.



At Ineco, innovation is understood as a fundamental factor of differentiation and a driving force for change. For this reason, the company continues to make efforts in this area, with the aim of transforming good ideas into new developments that contribute to achieving safer, more sustainable and connected mobility for all.

Areas Worldwide.

Certifications Environment, health & safety, quality
Ineco has a management system certified by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH in accordance with international standards:
ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System, certificate number 01 100 1716925.
ISO 14001:2015, Environmental Management System, certificate number 01 104 1716925.
ISO 45001:2018, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, certificate number 01 113 1716925
The three certificates are valid until September 2023 and cover all of Ineco´s activity both in Spain and the rest of the world:
Provision of services and execution of consultancy studies, engineering projects, technical assistance and works management and installations, the planning, maintenance and management of infrastructures, superstructures, transport equipment and services, as well as the provision of identical services in relation to infrastructures of a social nature.
Provision of comprehensive consultancy services, management, monitoring, supervision and administration of the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of transport infrastructure.
These certifications follow a multi-site scheme covering several offices in Spain and locations in up to 13 countries (Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, Israel, United Kingdom, Turkey and Costa Rica).

Information Security / Cybersecurity
Since February 2020, Ineco has had an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013, with certificate number 01 153 1916958 and an initial scope that includes the provision of the service of generating backup copies and recovery of the information handled by Ineco.

In addition, since November 2018, Ineco has held a certificate of compliance with the Cyber Essentials-UK cybersecurity essential requirements scheme, certificate number 8013247940222895.

Railway business area
In the railway area, Ineco is accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) as an Inspection Entity (type C) for Railway Rolling Stock and Safety of Railway Applications, in accordance with the criteria set out in the ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard with number 76/EI058, first issued in February 2003. This accreditation qualifies Ineco to carry out inspection activities in the industrial area for seven subsystems (Infrastructure, Energy, Rolling Stock, Control and Signalling, Traffic Operation and Management, Maintenance and Safe Integration).

Products, services and projects
Ineco also has other accreditations and certifications associated with products, services and projects.

Supplier of railway products and services
As a supplier of railway products/services, the company is certified as a Link-Up supplier in accordance with RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) requirements. This certificate, for the areas of systems engineering, signalling and telecommunications and civil engineering, includes the following products:
Heritage Automatic Train Protection (ATP) unit Design, Track Circuits (including Level Crossings) Design, Colour Light Signals Design, Banner Signals Design, Draw Ahead Signals Design, Ground Position Light Signals Design, Signal Lamps (including LEDs) & Lamp Holders Design, Signal Lenses Design, Points Indicators Design, Point Machines Design, SSI Design, Ansaldo Design, Signal Control Panel NX Design, VDU Based Systems Design, Train Describers (Electronic) Design, ATP Equipment Design, Telephone Exchanges (Including Switching Equipment) Design, Transmission Systems Design, Telecomm Cabling (Multiple Pair Copper) Design, Telecomm Cabling (Fibre) Design, Battery Back-up - Rectifier Design, Modem Services Design, Radio Systems Design, Wireless Services Design, Masts (Including Earthing & Lightening Protection) Design, CCTV DOO Systems Design, Hot Axle Box Detectors Design, Plain Line Design, Plain Line (Absolute Geometry) Design, Gauge Measurement (Discreet Restrictions) Design, Gauge Measurement (Tunnels) Design, Track on Longitudinal Timbers Design, Direct Fastening Track Systems (e.g. Slab Track/Viper) Design, Switches & Crossings Conventional Design, Switches & Crossings (Absolute Geometry) Design, Switches & Crossings (Modular Systems) Design, Track Drainage Design, Tunnels Design, Tunnel Linings Design, Tunnel Drainage Design, Track Support Concrete (Slab Track) Design, Foundations (Piled) Design, Foundations (Conventional) Design, Steel Frame Design, Concrete Frame Design, Timber Frame Design, Stairs Design, Transformers & Transformer Rectifiers Design, Batteries Design, U.P.S. Design, Main Steelwork Design, Small Part Steelwork Design, Support System Design, Wiring Design, Earthing & Bonding Design, Switching Design, Substations/Switching Stations Design, HV Cabling Design, Trackside Equipment Design, Substations/Switching Stations/Track Paralleling Huts Design, DC Cabling Design, Trackside Equipment Design, Traction SCADA Design, Non-Traction SCADA Design.
And registration in the following products:
Signal Sighting Service, Development & Review of Signalling Standards Service, Civil Engineering Consultancy Service, Development & Review of Civil Engineering Standards Service, Highway Engineering Service, Absorptive Barriers Design, Reflective Barriers Design, Access Way & Steps Design, Concrete Fences Design, Timber Fences Design, Metal Fences Design, Plastic Fences Design, Boundary Gates Design, Level Crossing Stiles, Gates & Barriers Design, Safety Barriers & Restraints Design, Noise Barriers Design, Acoustic Linings Design, Track Consultancy Service, Development & Review of Track Standards Service, Level Crossing Ground Plans Service, Electrification Consultancy Service, Development & Review Electrification Standards Service, Operational Planning Service, Assessment of Infrastructure Options Service, Capacity Modelling Service, Network Optioneering Service, Peak Load Management Service, Rail Economics Service, Strategic Business Studies Service, Timetable Optioneering Service, Timetable Simulation Service, Train Performance Simulation Service, System Integration Design, General Environmental Consultancy Service, Clerk of Works Service, Programme Management Service, Project Planning Service.

Software Development CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)-Level 3.
In 2019, the software development methodology was re-accredited at level 3 of the CMMI-DEV v1.3 model for the work carried out by the IT Deputy Directorate. The certificate has been awarded, following the audit, by PROQUA (Process Quality Engineering), CMMI Institute Partner, initially in October 2016.

Activities Engineering and consulting, Maintenance, Others.
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