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Postal address Head Office:
5, Almendralejo
E–41019 Sevilla. Spain
Telephone +34 954 99 93 20 Fax +34 954 99 92 00 E-mail Web
Company data

Azvi Group companies:

Traccion Rail

Management team

General Manager: Roberto Gallardo Fernández-Díez. Spain-Portugal Regional Director: Gabriel Peñafiel Trueba. South-East Regional Manager: Tomás Jodra Sanz. Centre-North Regional Manager: Carlos Puebla Montalvo. Railway Regional Manager: César Domínguez González-Seco. Building Regional Manager: Pablo Reiter Fernández Eastern Europe and Middle East Regional Director: Pietro Tucci. North America Regional Manager: José María Martínez Benavente. South and Central America Regional Manager: Manuel Álvarez Asensio.

Activity Railways and civil works, logistics, railway transport, railway heavy machinery maintenance and railway electrification systems installation and maintenance.

Main products and services

Throughout more than 100 years of activity, Azvi has accumulated extensive experience, technical capacity and solvency to successfully execute all kind of railways and civil construction projects.

Azvi’s origins as a railway company have turned the company into a key player in the railway sector with extensive experience in the complete cycle of railway infrastructure: infrastructure, superstructure, electrification and signaling, assembly bases and maintenance works (preventive and corrective). In addition, Azvi has its own railway heavy machinery park and its approved workshop to maintain and repair it.

The company has played an important role in the development of High-Speed Railway in Spain, having worked on more than 490 km of different HSR lines, since works started in 1987 on the first line, which linked Madrid and Sevilla in 1992.

Besides HSR projects, also of note are the numerous conventional railway projects aimed at improving existing railway infrastructures.

Azvi also has extensive experience in the execution of all types of infrastructure associated with the railway.


Top product: TRACK: 1. Variable gauge axles for freight. 2. Azvi has built Norway’s first ballastless track between Arna-Fløen, in Bergen. ROLLING STOCK: 3. Rolling Stock Maintenance Centre. ELECTRIFICATION: 4. Ispalvia.


Activities by year

Railway projects:
-    Mayan Train. Strecht 3: Clakini-Izamal, Mexico.
-    Tren Maya. Construcción de talleres y cocheras, México.
-    Tren Maya. Construcción y explotación de la fábrica de traviesas, México.
-    Isthmus of Tehuantepec Railway. Line Z. Stretch: Puerto Salina-Medias Aguas, México.
-    Chamartín Railway Station. Iberian gauge track and platforms upgrade. Spain.
-    Chamartín Railway Station. Station extensión, platforms and UIC track bed, Spain.
-    HSR León-Asturias. Campomanes-Pola de Lena. Gauge switcher (Campomanes PAET) and track assembly. Spain.
-    HSR Lines. Infrastructure, Track and Turnout Maintenance: HSR Madrid-Sevilla; HSR Córdoba-Málaga; HSR Madrid-Brihuega (Brihuega and Calatayud Bases). Spain.
-    Old Ulriken railway tunnel rehabilitation, Norway
-    Arna-Bergen railway project. Strecht: Arna-Fløen. Track and installations. Norway.
-    Northern Line rehabilitation. Strecht: Ovar-Gaia. Portugal.
-    Northern line. Track, catenary and traction current return works. Strecht: Pampilhosa-Gaia. Portugal.
-    HSR Madrid-Extremadura. Stretch: San Rafael-Cuarto de la Jara. Spain.
-    Valencia Commuter Network. Stretch: Pobla LLarga-Silla. Infrastructure, superstructure and electrificacion upgrading. Spain.
-    HSR Zaragoza-Pamplona. Stretch: Castejón-Comarca de Pamplona. SubStrech: Peralta-Olite. Spain.
-    Conventional Railway Lines: Infrastructures, Track and Incidence Treatment Plan. Lot F.3 and Lot D.2. Spain.


Areas Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Spain and Uruguay.

Certifications Implemented and certified by Aenor Management Systems for BIM (ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2), Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001), Anti-bribery (ISO 37001) and Criminal Compliance (UNE 19601).

Turnover 399.6 million Euro
No. of employees 2,300
R&D Investment 1.6 million Euro
Activities Infraestructure, Maintenance, Operators, Others.
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