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Lapatza Urbiola, Jesús Mª de
President of Amurrio, Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A.

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Personal data
Date of birth 08/02/1935
Academic background Engineer of Mines
Career path Chief Engineer of the Oil Refinery in Tarragona (1964). General Manager of Talleres de Amurrio, S.A. (1969). CEO of Talleres de Amurrio, S.A. (1990). President of Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A. (1994). President of the Association of Enterprises of Alava (during 7 years). Vice-President of the Association of Basque Enterprises CONFEBASK (during 3 years). Member of the European Committee of GT-18 Norm for Track Material. President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alava (since 1998 until 2006). President of the Commission of Industry of the Superior Counsel of Chambers of Commerce (since 1998 until 2006).
Maskuribai, 10 - E-01470 Amurrio. Alava. Spain
Telephone +34.945 89 16 00
Fax +34 945 89 24 80
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