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Postal address Serrano Galvache, 56.
C.E. Parque Norte, Edificio Álamo.
E-28033 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 273 72 00 Fax +34 91 273 78 82 Web
Company data
Management team

President: Jesús Sánchez Bargos. General Manager of the Transport Division: Fernando Ortega Díaz. Director of Sales and Business Development: Miguel Moratalla. Director of Projects and Offers: Carlos Mezquita. Strategy, Marketing and Communication Director: Adolfo Aguilar.

Activity Development, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems and equipment for Railway Signalling, Train Control and Supervision and Telecommunication, supervision and ticketing systems and critical infrastructure security.

Main products and services

Railway safety systems and equipment, interlocks and electronic locking, continuous automatic train control systems (ERTMS/ETCS Levels 1 and 2), CBTC radio systems with and without mobile locking, automatic spot and semi-continuous train protection systems, centralized traffic control centres, protection systems for level crossings (automatic and interlocked), traffic regulation centres, signalling systems for low-traffic lines, electrohydraulic and electromechanical switch drives, electronic axle counters, track circuits, detectors of falling objects and all types of track elements. Integration of critical supervision and control systems, fixed and mobile communication networks, video surveillance, access control, intrusion and fire detection, passenger information systems, SCADA, revenue collection and ticketing, vending equipment, ticket validation and control. Cybersecurity solutions for railway systems. Digitization and decarbonization. Operational support manager for the automation of industrial railway installations or low-speed passenger-free railway installations.


Top products: SIGNALLING: 1. ETCS Level 3. 2. Thales Fieldtrac Train Detection Systems. OPERATORS: 3. Thales Driver Advisory System (C-DAS) or GreenSpeed™. 4. DIVA.


Activities by year


Administrator of Railway Infrastructures ADIF

Renewal of signalling installations and train protection systems, as well as equipping the line with the ERTMS level 2 system and the track circuits on the Madrid-Seville high-speed line and the La Sagra-Toledo branch line.
Modifications to the ERTMS, communications and energy installations of the Chamartín AV station extension.
Signalling installations for the Valladolid Eastern Bypass for goods trains
Supply of TTC (Thales Track Circuit) track circuits for the Parets-La Garriga section of the Barcelona suburban railway network.
Complementary works to the construction project, works and maintenance of signalling and communications on the Humanes-Monfragüe section. Lot 2.
Fitting of BAU (Automatic Single Track Blocking) on the Infiesto-Cabezón de la Sal section. Line 770 Santander-Oviedo of the metric gauge network between Asturias and Cantabria.
Installation of an electronic interlocking at Caldes de Malavella with centralised traffic control (CTC) and automatic banalised blocking with its collateral stations. Barcelona to Portbou line.
Renewal of energy systems for signalling and communications installations on the Madrid-Seville high-speed railway line.
Renewal of the PDH access network on the Madrid-Lérida-Barcelona and Zaragoza-Huesca high-speed rail section.

Euskal Trenbide Sarea/Basque Railway Network (ETS/RFV)

Ariz station signalling facilities (ETS).

Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV)
Maintenance of the signalling, telephony and level crossing systems of the FGV network in Alicante for 4 years.

Metro Bilbao

Implementation of the necessary modifications to Metro Bilbao's centralised command post to increase cybersecurity.

Portugal Infrastructure (IP)

Supply of TTC track circuits for railway lines or stations included in Lot D (Cascais Line, Oeste Line, Sta Apolónia Station, Bobadela Logistic Terminal).


For the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures ADIF

Madrid-Galicia High Speed Line: In addition to the design, installation and maintenance of the ERTMS N2, Thales has been in charge of the axle counters, switch drives, detectors of falling objects on the track and wheel sensors and the fixed telecommunications system, and construction of part of the technical buildings and signalling cabins. Thales has also been responsible for the deployment of the signalling solution on the conventional line to avoid the effects of the High Speed. It will also be responsible for the maintenance of all the systems installed until the end of 2035.

Execution of the signalling installations, train protection systems, fixed telecommunications, video surveillance and centralised traffic control on the Chamartín-Torrejón de Velasco section. With 37 kilometres of section, the project includes the Atocha-Chamartín tunnel, which is just over 7 kilometres long, as well as the maintenance of the installations for 36 months.
Commissioning of the signalling and detection systems project on the Humanes-Montearagón section (100 km), CTC from Seville and detection equipment between Talavera-Monfragüe (132 km), including fixed telecommunications between Humanes-Monfragüe.
Commissioning of new electronic interlockings at Tortosa and Campredó stations, and modification of the one at L'Aldea to achieve better management of train movements, communications and signalling, as a result of the award of a contract by Adif. At the same time, circulation cabinets and the installation of Local Operations Posts (PLO) are some of the improvement actions carried out with Thales technology on this section of the R16 line of the suburban and medium-distance rail service.
The safety installations at Irún station have been modernised, specifically the old safe traffic control or interlocking system, made with electrical technology based on relays, which dated from 1990, has been replaced by a state-of-the-art Thales technology Electronic Interlocking, with the consequent increase in safety, comfort, sustainability and reliability. From a technological point of view, the biggest challenge that these works have posed for Thales has been the non-interruption of passenger and freight train traffic. This commissioning is the first phase of a contract that continues with the transformation of the station's track bed.
On the Mediterranean Corridor, more than 35 DMM mixed turnouts have been put into service on tracks in operation, which involves the assembly and adjustment of around 150 L700H drives and a dozen Evaluators, both of which are our own technology.
The company has carried out auxiliary civil works, cable laying, terminal boxes and field wiring for the tramway network linking Chiclana de la Frontera with San Fernando. On the other hand, it has been necessary to install new exit, entry and advanced signals in different PKs to the original ones; as well as to signalise the first section of the new connection between the Bahia Sur railway station and the La Ardila tramway station with ADIF requirements. In Chiclana, both the base and the maintenance workshops and the command and control post for the tramway section up to the La Ardila exit have been built. The entire project has been put into service and only the ADIF section will be in operation in 2019. The tramway section will come into operation in 2022.
Commissioning and operation of the new track layout between Huércal and Almería, in order to adapt to future routes compatible with the Murcia-Almería high-speed line. The new underground entrance to Almería station and the new route between Huércal and Almería have been brought into service, installing a new electronic interlocking for the blocking ratio and introducing the new Thales track circuits.
Commissioning and operation of the Tamarguillo Triangle track interlocking and the new electronic interlocking at La Negrilla in Seville, enabling ADIF to decommission the last GRS free connection interlocking at the Seville Headquarters. New Thales track circuits have been installed in both stations in coexistence with the existing track circuits.

FGV (Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana)

Expansion and modernisation of signalling and traffic control on line 5 of the TRAM d'Alacant.
Modification of the signalling installations at Benidorm Station due to the adaptation of platforms and remodelling of the track bed.

Bilbao Metro

Technical assistance to ensure the proper functioning of the Centralised Control Centre of Metro Bilbao and the service planning tool (GOT) of Metro Bilbao.

Port of Huelva

Commissioning of the signalling, command and control installations for the Port of Huelva railway network, which includes the installation of 2 decentralised DCA cabinets for the first time in Spain. Also included in this project is the modification and extension of ADIF's Huelva Mercancías electronic interlocking.
Commissioning of the power supply project for the IISS Mando y Control de la red ferroviaria del Puerto de Huelva.

Port of Seville

Validation and commissioning of the Ferro Port System II project, an intelligent operation support manager that automates railway management and operation in the Port of Seville, which can be exported to other port environments. Numerous products have been developed linked to the automation of rail transport, CCTV, cybersecurity, Telecoms, etc. The philosophy and logic of this new system has been developed.

ENR (Egypt)

Renewal of Signalling and Telecommunications systems on the Assyut Nagh Hammadi line. Commissioning of Balsafura, Tima and Monshaa stations.
Renovation of Signalling and Telecommunications systems on the Cairo-Alexandria line. Commissioning of phase 2 of Sidi Gaber station.
Renovation of Signalling and Telecommunications systems on the Cairo-Benha line. Commissioning of Benha, Shoubra and Tawwdeeb stations.
Commissioning of Tanta, Al Ousayrat and Sedfa stations in the first quarter of 2022.

TER (Senegal)

The Regional Express Train (Train Express Régional, or TER) links Dakar with Diamniadio (36 km). For this project, Thales has participated in the design and construction of the railway electrification, signalling and telecommunications systems.

TCDD (Turkey)

Modification of the Pamukova interlocking on the Geyve-Dogançay section, which is part of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed line. Interlocking, CTC, ERTMS L1, LTV (Temporary Speed Limitations), GSMR and telecommunications systems on its tracks.
In addition, the versions of five interlockings on the Ankara-Istanbul line have been upgraded.



Administrator of Railway Infrastructures ADIF

Maintenance services for fixed telecommunications installations, GSM-R mobile telecommunications, mobile telephony operator infrastructure, central systems of the GSM-R network core, centralised telecommunications management systems, remote control of energy and remote control of detectors on high-speed lines: LAV Madrid-Valladolid and Olmedo-Medina branch; LAV Madrid-Sevilla and Córdoba-Málaga, La Sagra-Toledo branch; LAV Madrid-Valencia and Albacete-Albacete branch; LAV Madrid-Barcelona-French Border, Zaragoza-Huesca branch and Tarragona-Vandellós branch, GSM-R CORE core systems, Centralised Telecommunications Management Systems.
Maintenance of traffic control and complementary installations on the Madrid-Seville high-speed line, La Sagra-Toledo and Córdoba-Málaga branch.
Maintenance of traffic control and complementary installations on the Madrid-Segovia-Valladolid high-speed line.
Maintenance of the interlocking installations, train protection systems, centralised traffic control, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications, GSM-R and protection and security installations on the Olmedo - Zamora, Pedralba, Taboadela, Orense - Santiago section of the New High Speed Line on the North-Northwest High Speed Corridor.
Maintenance of the interlocking installations, train protection systems, centralised traffic control, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications, GSM-R and protection and security installations on the section of the New Antequera - Granada High Speed Line.
Maintenance of the interlocking installations, train protection systems, centralised traffic control, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications, and protection and safety installations on the section of the New High Speed Line Chamartín - Torrejón de Velasco junction.
Expert technical support for the maintenance of Thales equipment on ADIF's conventional network.
Maintenance of signalling installations in ADIF's six Conventional Network Operational Sub-directorates.

Spanish National Railway Network RENFE:

Maintenance of LZB equipment for the automatic control blocking of s/446 trains in the Madrid hub.
Maintenance of safety installations and turnout motorisation in BMSs and BMIs of RENFE Manufacturing and Maintenance.

Basque Railway Network / Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS):

Maintenance of tramway and railway safety installations.

CTB (Bizkaia Transport Consortium):

Commissioning of the new hardware and software infrastructure supporting the Barik multimodal contactless payment card.  In addition, the communications network had to be re-engineered. The meticulous planning of the work has enabled users of the Barik card to continue to use it without interruption, and without impact on transport operators' networks.

FGV (Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana)

Maintenance of signalling installations, level crossings and operating telephony on the FGV network in Alicante.

TCDD (Turkey)

Maintenance of signalling and communications on the Ankara Istanbul High Speed Line Phase 1, Phase 4 and Phase 2.

Maintenance of signalling and communications on the Cumaovasi - Tepeköy suburban railway line.


Maintenance of the signalling and communications installations of the Mexico suburban railway (Buenavista - Cuautitlán).

ENR (Egypt)

Maintenance of traffic control systems on the Cairo - Alexandria, and Asyut - Nahamadi rail corridor.



Driven mainly by the digital transformation of the railway, through the application of digital technologies such as cybersecurity, connectivity (IoT, 5G, satellite, etc.), big data and artificial intelligence, the main activities have been:
Development and leadership of the TD2.10 Smart all-in-all connected wayside object controller demonstrator within the scope of the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking.
Monitoring and predictive monitoring of track circuits and turnouts
Comprehensive cloud-based CMMS maintenance system
Platform crossing warning systems
Broken rail detection systems
Facial recognition and passenger flow systems
Telephone blocking replacement systems.
GeoCV for intelligent farm aid manager
Portable on-board equipment (SiBU) with movement, location and command authorisation
Special intersection protection equipment associated with virtual warning and resetting technology.
Decentralised needle and leakage pathway cabinets and wireless connection for GE, with local operating support.
CCTV per train presence event.

Areas Worldwide, mainly Europe, Latin America, Asia and North Africa. Local presence in Turkey and Egypt.
Certifications ISO 9001. Quality management systems. Certificate number ES112462-1
ISO14001. Environmental Management System. Certificate number ES112467-1
ISO 45001. Occupational health and safety management systems. Certificate number ES112466-1
ISO 27001. Information Security Management Systems. Certificate number ES108039-A-1
ISO 20000:2018. Quality of IT Services. Certificate number ES112415-1
UNE 166002. Certification of R&D&I management systems. Certificate number ES115870-1.
No. of employees 850 (Qualified technicians: 85%).
R&D Investment 8% of sales.
Activities Maintenance, Operators, Signalling.
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