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Postal address Calle María de Molina, 40 - 1ª planta
E-28006 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 325 45 00   Fax +34 91 325 45 01
Other addresses
Postal address Maintenance of Madrid-Lérida HSL
Polígono Plaza
Avda. Diagonal 14 - Naves 36-37
E-50197 Zaragoza. Spain

Telephone +34 97 630 02 50   Fax +34 97 631 86 17  
Postal address Maintenance of ETR1000 trains for IRYO
Talleres en Santa Catalina de Renfe de Alta Velocidad

Postal address Cocheras Metro de Madrid
Maintenance of ETR1000 trains for Metro de Madrid

C. del Néctar, 44.
E-28022 Madrid. Spain

Company data

Hitachi Rail España, S.L.U. is a subsidiary of Hitachi Rail STS SpA and a Hitachi Rail Group company. In 2021 Hitachi Rail España STS (previous Ansaldo STS) was absorbed by Hitachi Rail España SL (previous Ansladobreda).

Management team

Country Representative and Sales/Maintenance Director: Roberto Vitali.

Activity A Core railway signalling business: design, installation, tests and commissioning and maintenance on complete rail automation and safety related control systems and equipment on the Spanish HSL
Rolling Stock maintenance for Metro de Madrid
Rolling Stock maintenance for ILSA

Transportation Solutions business: lead contractor and system integrator, providing end-to-end solutions mainly under the following contractual schemes:
- Contracting for Design & Construction
- Project Financing Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
- Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)
- Design, Build, Operate and Maintain (DBOM)

Main products and services

Traffic Management, Train Control and Signalling Systems (ERTMS, CBTC, Driverless and UTO, PTC, Satellite positioning, catenary- free tramway (TramWave).

Telecommunications SCADA, Power Supply, Electrification, Platform Screen Doors, Fare Collection, Depot Equipment Track Works, Operation and Maintenance.

Design, manufacture & maintenance of ETR1000 trains.


Top products: SIGNALLING: 1. Leaders in ERTMS. ROLLING STOCK: 2. Manufacture and maintenance of ETR1000 trains.


Activities by year

In Spain:
Full maintenance contract on Madrid-Lerida HSL including Railway Traffic Control (ERTMS L1 & L2), as well as all associated systems, power supply and safety detectors systems. 
Upgrade to 230d version of ERTMS L1 and L2 on Madrid Lleida HSL
Upgrade to ERTMS systems on Figueras Perpignan HSL and technical assistance to Maintenance.
Delivery and Maintenance of Railway Traffic Control, Fixed telecom and Auxiliary Systems on La Robla-Pola de Lena section, on the North-Northwest HSL Corridor.
Maintenance of 52 Hitachi train units from Serie 9000 (Subseries 1, 2 y 3) for Metro de Madrid lines 7, 9, 10 & 12.
Maintenance of the new 20 units of ETR1000 trains, the so called Iryo train.

Worldwide: High Speed 
TGV in France (Tours-Bordeaux (SEA), Le Mans-Rennes (BPL), Paris-Strasbourg (East Europe) 
HSL in Italy (Milan-Bologne, Rome-Milan, Milan-Nápoles)
New signaling contracts awarded in Morocco for Tanger - Kenitra HSL (first HSL in Africa), in Algeria for Oued Tlelat – Tlemcen mixed line. 
Sweden (Boden-Haparanda HSL. Commissioning of ERTMS signaling system in Sweden) 

Urban rail transports:
Peru Lines 2 & 4 of Metro Lima
Metro in Arabia Saudita Metro turnkey contract awarded in Saudi Arabia (Ryiadh), Noura Bint, Abdulrahman metro, Riyadh metro line 3. 
Taiwan Metro Taipei Circular Line
Tramway in China (Zhuhai)    
Driverless systems en Australia and USA (Honolulu driverless)
Driverless Metro in South Korea (UI-Shinseol) and Scotland (Glasgow Subway)
Metros in Italy: Romy L A, LC, Naples L1, L6, Milano L5, L4, Brescia, Genoa.
Metro in Sweden Metro: Stockholm Red line
China Shenyang lines 1, 2, Chengdu lines 1, 2, Hangzhou line1, Xian line 2, Zhengzhou line 1, Dalian lines 1, 2, Shanghai line 2 
Turkey Ankara lines 1,2,3,4
India (Kolkata metro, Mumbai monorail, Navi Mumbai metro)
Renewal of metro lines in Brussels (Lines 1y 5).
Greece (Thessaloniki Metro)
Danemark Copenhagen M1, M2, new City-Ring


Areas Worldwide.

Certifications Quality and Environment: ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001.

Turnover (March 2023) 53 M Eur in Spain
No. of employees +/-12.000 people, including 250 in Hitachi rail España SL
Share capital Hitachi Rail (100%)
Activities Training, certification, research, Maintenance, Others.
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