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Postal address Ronda de Poniente, 5 - 3ª
E-28760 Tres Cantos. Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 837 68 40 Fax +34 91 837 68 50 E-mail Web
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A new breed of technology partner, Expleo Group cover the full cycle with end-to-end integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation.
Our mission is to help businesses harness technological change to successfully deliver innovations, helping them gain a competitive advantage and improving the lives of people around the globe. Expleo is active in technology-intensive sectors as Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Banking and Financial services, Defence, Energy and Utilities, Naval and many more.
With an annual invoicing of 1.265 million euros and 15.000 employees, we have presence in more than 25 countries.

Management team

COO: Irantzu Bilbao. Director BU Transport, Manufacturing & Technology: José Liaño. Responsable de Recursos Humanos: Silvia López.

Activity Engineering and Consultancy in Technology and Industrial Markets.

Main products and services

RAMS: Safety management and demonstration according to CENELEC UNE EN 5012X standard, performing all Safety related tasks during whole Project lifecycle (Safety plans, PHA, Safety Case...). Consultancy (Safety Management System implementation, Training, counselling, iESM…)
Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) Expleo Iberia, S.L.U. is an Inspection Body entity accredited by ENAC with accreditation number 286/EI490. The accreditation scope includes Independent Safety Assessment performance according to CENELEC 5012X and 402/2013 & 2015/1136 EU Regulations.
RAM Engineering: Reliability, Availability and Maintainability predictions and surveys of electronic and mechanic systems (MTBF, MTTR, λ, LCCA…), using such techniques as RBD, FTA, ETA, FMEA, FMECA. Reliability improvement studies: FRACAS.
Integrated Logistic Support (ILS): Lifecycle cost analysis (LCC), Maintenance Engineering (preventive, predictive and reliability centered maintenance - RCM -studies). GMAO implementation. Data mining and decision making aid system.
Software Engineering: SILX applications development for critical systems along all lifecycle phases from concept to De-commissioning and disposal.
Railway Signalling Engineering: Signalling systems’ logic development, parameterization and configuration of interlocking and different elements that make up the signalling systems (ERTMS/ETCS L1 and L2, CBTC, ASFA Digital and TMS), V&V, test and commissioning.
Manufacturing Engineering: Expertise in different areas: work preparation, Industrial Process Design, Lean and Methods Time Measurement (MTM).
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: Design, calculation and simulation of mechanical elements and systems (carbodies, bogies, rolling, interiors, HVAC…), composites, effort analysis and fatigue calculations. Electrical design and wiring activities.
Project Management and Supply Chain Quality Assurance: Comprehensive Project Management Service according to Project Management Institute processes and knowledge areas/methodologies. Supply Chain Management (Lean). Supplier Quality Assurance activities.


Top products: ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING: 1. RAMS and ILS studies. SIGNALLING: 2. Independent Safety Assessment (according to CENELEC 5012X and 402/2013 EU regulation).


Activities by year

Safety Management in different, domestic and foreign, mainline, high speed and mass transit projects (Singapore, China, Turkey, Morocco, Australia Mozambique…). Independent Safety Assessment for Control, command & signalling and Infrastructure subsystems of generic products, generic applications and specific applications, according to CENELEC 5012X and 402/2013 and 2015/1136 EU Regulations. RAM Analysis in different railway projects for Signalling, Energy and Communication systems. RBC system (ERTMS L2) software testing and V&V automation. CBTC zone controller Software testing. Conventional railway network station design for CTC. Test and commissioning of different conventional and HSL network installations. Support for design and integration of electronic interlockings. Railway systems (mainline, HSL and mass transit) installation and maintenance works coordination. Scheduling and tracking in different railway projects (High Speed Lines and Metros).


“Expleo Innovation Factory”: Design to Cost, Digitalization, Data utilization, Intelligent Systems, Factory of the Future.

Areas Worldwide.

Certifications ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9100:2016, ISO 17020.

Turnover 1,265 million Euros.
No. of employees 15,000 in more than 25 countries.
Activities Training, certification, research, Engineering and consulting, Others, Telecommunication.
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