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Postal address Paseo de la Castellana, 127 - 2 floor, letter A
E-28046 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 764 72 21 E-mail Web
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Entity for Certification, Safety Evaluation and Inspection for railway system, Trams and Metros. Certifer Group, third certification entity worldwide, has subsidiaries in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, China, Australia and Brazil.

Management team

CEO: Pierre Kadziola. Managing Director Belgium: Jean-Marc Dupas. Director Spanish Branch: Lucas Sánchez Ugalde.

Activity Training, certification,research; Others.

Main products and services

Notified Body for all subsystems and their constituents (Interoperability Directive).
Designated Body in: Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Austria Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland.
ISA recognised in all Member States, Switzerland, Algeria, Turkey, India, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Austria and Scandinavia.
Accredited Entity for the certification of Adif Technical Specifications.
Independent Assessment Body accredited under Regulation (EU) No 402/2013 and Recommendation 2011/217/UE.
Testing entity for the technical compatibility between rolling stock and track.
Certification entity for the Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) and workshops
Assessment body for Safety management systems.
Entity for the voluntary verification.
Independent Cyber Security assessment.
Management Systems Audits & Certification


Top products: TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, RESEARCH: 1. Railway innovation. 2. On track machine (OTM).


Activities by year

In February 2021 the company HHC/DRS based in the Netherlands (with a subsidiary in Germany and an office in Sweden) joined the group, bringing new recognitions and services as among which are the non-railway services in Hoisting, Piling and Shipping inspections.

We have also opened 2 new offices in Australia (Western Australia and Queensland).

Also noteworthy this year was the award of the EcoVadis silver medal that CERTIFER received in December, which is a clear recognition of the efforts made by the group in relation to sustainability performance management.

Main achievements of CERTIFER in 2021:

- Completed DeBo missions for the Euro 6000 locomotive of STADLER, which had been authorised in France and Spain.

- In a joint venture with Bureau Veritas, carried out the EC interoperability verification of the new Lubián - Orense high-speed section for the Energy and Infrastructure subsystems in Spain.

- Was selected by CAF in Spain as Assessment Body and Notified Body for the new inter-regional EMU and BMUs project in Sweden.

- Was selected by Alstom and approved by NTA to provide System ISA services on the Cairo monorail project in Egypt.

- Has been selected as Qualified Urban Insertion Body for the 2nd tramway line project in the Tours agglomeration (France).

- After completion of the first stage in January 2020, CERTIFER has successfully completed the second stage of the Signalling System and Platform Screen Doors’ (T252) Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) for Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) of Singapore’s metro network.

- Completed the independent safety assessment of the Hitachi CBTC used for Hangshao Line in the city of Shaoxing (China).

- Successfully completed the independent safety assessment of Kiepe Electric’s vehicle control units and its integration into the overall system of the Flexity Classic tram types A and B for the city of Gothenburg (Sweden).

- Successfully completed the non-destructive testing of the vehicle axles of Ankaray in Turkey.

- Was selected as NoBo, AsBo and DeBo for the assessment of the first Alstom’s Coradia Polyvalent cross-border regional train, which just started approval and certification tests in Germany.

- Successfully completed the registration process of the historical and tourist train “Treno della Sila” in the Italian National Vehicle Register (NVR-RIN) according to the ANSFISA’s standard and rules in Italy.

- Awarded a new contract with CAF in Spain for the DeBo and AsBo assessment of Metric gauge and Alpine trains that will serve the north of the country.

- Completed for the first time the assessment of vehicles according to national rules in force in the Netherlands.

- Successfully completed its ISA mission for the CLEARSY Safety Platform SIL4.


Areas All European Union countries, Switzerland, Norway, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, India, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Peru, China.

Certifications Accreditations:
ISO 17065 (ETI, ETH, ET, EEM)
ISO 17020 (ISA, IA)
ISO 17021 (ISO 9001)

NoBo, DeBo, ISA, AsBo, ECM, OQA, KSA – ICP

Turnover Certifer Group 2021: 33,9 million Euro
No. of employees 220
Activities Training, certification, research, Others.
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