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Postal address C/ Agustín de Foxá 26 bis
E-28036 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 417 03 10   Fax +34 91 555 72 39   E-mail Web  
Company data
Management team

Chairman: Julián García Valverde. CEO: Daniel García Martín. Managing Director: José María Carbajo Sotillo.

Activity Civil engineering works.

Main products and services

Imathia Construcción carries out its activities mainly in the execution of civil works, with a high specialization in railway projects, in the fields of:
- Railways 
- Roads
- Hydraulics
- Environment
- Urban Planning

Top products: MAINTENANCE: 1. Construction of Civil works for superstructure and Maintenance (12 years) of infra and superstructure for the Haramain High Speed Line between Makkah and Madinah. (KSA). TRACK: 2. Monoblock Sleeper Factory for the Refurbishment of 28 km in the Kampala – Malaba Railway Line (Uganda).


Activities by year

The year 2022 has been a reactivating year for the tendering in construction, specially in large railway projects. Specially in Spain, there has been a new wave of tenders by ADIF mainly because of the extraordinary financing situation trough the Next Generation European Funds.

During this year, the Maintenance works for the infrastructure and superstructure of the Haramain Line for Saudi Arabia Railways have continued, achieving extraordinary quality rates. The presence in the Spanish national market has been reinforced with the steady progress of the works for the Maintenance Workshop for high-speed units and railway yard for self-propelled trains for RENFE’s Maintenance Facility Complex North Madrid in Fuencarral. 
In April 2023 was the launching of the project signed with Uganda Railways corporation to refurbish 28 km of the Kampala -Malaba line. Starting with the full construction of the first manufacturing factory for concrete sleepers, the works in the line will start in 2023.
There have been continuous operations to build our presence in the Egyptian market, with tenders both for public and private clients. Other emergent markets have been explored as well.

- Saudi Arabia. In the Haramain High Speed railway line Project between Makkah and Medina we have continued performing the maintenance of the infrastructure and superstructure in coexistence with the operation. There are a number of significant activities carried out: adjusting and maintenance of turnouts, both conventional as well as high speed ones; periodic monitoring and auscultation of the infrastructure and tracks; geometric auscultation and dynamic auscultation by accelerometers implemented in a high-speed rolling stock (300km/h) and ultrasound machines for the rail auscultation. 
We also have grinded the rails with specific 3-unit Grinder Machine for long-lasting rails. Regarding the Preventive and Corrective Maintenance IMATHIA Construcción has a comprehensive team of high-specialized human resources, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for the full and independent performing of the works described in the High-Speed Track and infrastructure Maintenance Plan.

- Spain. During this year, a significant progress has been achieved in the construction of the Maintenance Workshop for high-speed units and railway yard for self-propelled trains for RENFE’s Maintenance Facility Complex North Madrid in Fuencarral. The advance performance at the end of 2022 for the railway yard and the workshop itself is near 70%.

 - Egypt: We have been preparing bids for track refurbishment and also, we have developed into the precast sleeper market looking for alliances.


Areas From its very start, Imathia Construcción has had a clear vocation for exporting our know-how abroad. In recent years, we have closed partnerships with foreign companies. We are currently immersed in several bidding processes in countries as varied as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania.

The expansion policy has been based on the creation of consortia and joint ventures, in which we can combine our technical knowledge and expertise with the knowledge of the environment provided by local partners as well as with the specialization of international business.

Certifications Quality and Environment:
- ISO 9001 Quality Certification, ISO 14001 Environment Certification and OHSAS 18.001 Occupational Risk Prevention Certification.

- Throughout 2021 we have been working with Project Management Institute (PMI) standards and procedures to improve the quality of our service and to comply with international performance standards and procedures. Likewise the company has started a deep and broad digitalization process that will cover all departments.

Turnover 35.987.271 €
No. of employees 208
Activities Infraestructure, Maintenance, Others, Track.
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