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Postal address Calle Agustín de Foxá, 26
E-28036 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 575 46 16 Fax +34 91 575 96 70 E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

Chairman: Julián García Valverde.
General Manager: Antonio Vilchez.
COO (Nacional): Félix Guijarro
Head of Business Development: Joan Gasol
Country Manager (Chile): Omar Sáez
Country Manager (Uganda): Enrique Martínez
Country Manager (Arabia): Rachid Berd
Strategic Projects Director: Susana Menéndez del Valle
Head of Technology: Victoria Mariño
Head of Digital Transformation: Mónica Barrera

Activity Consultrans ( is a Spanish company founded in 1985, specialized in creating innovative solutions for all modes of transport, road, maritime, air and rail transport, both passenger and freight. Consultrans’ core activities related to the railway sector are relevant in two specific fields:

- Transport infrastructure: Consultancy services applied to all different modes of transport, from national transportation plans to strategic infrastructure planning, demand, and market research; passenger and freight studies; as well as project and contract management.

- Civil Engineering: Providing technical solutions to cover all the stages of the life cycle of transport infrastructure projects from pre and pre-feasibility studies to preliminary and detailed engineering designs, and technical assistance and supervision.

We provide engineering and consultancy services to both, public clients, and private companies, all around the world.

Having a special vocation, commitment, and interest in the railway world, our passion for the Railway sector is inherited from a long and successful professional track record of the company’s management team. This commitment has driven us to take part in railway flagship projects at Spanish and international level, as the High Speed Railway line between the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia (Haramain Project), or Gran Concepción in Chile or more recently the refurbishment works of Kampala-Malaba Line for Ugandan Railways Corporation.

Software development for Transport is another of the pillars of our main activity. We are leaders in the development of customized systems for transport inspection applications on the tachograph, with products such as LECTODIS, INSTAC or WEBTAC.

Main products and services

- Multimodal transport, demand and mobility studies for passengers and freight, logistic studies, strategic transport studies for public and private institutions related to railways, ports, roads, and airports.
- Urban mass transit systems (metro, tram, and BRT) including technical feasibility studies, design, and construction projects.
- Strategic maritime plans; port and coast engineering.
- Railway and road infrastructure engineering of high speed/ conventional lines and hubs/ junctions.
- Design and calculation of structures (viaducts, underground constructions, special building ...); geotechnical and tunnels engineering.
- Technical assistance, inspection and management of major infrastructure works.
- Transport software design and development, system integration and technology consultancy.
- Management and consultancy of R&D Projects.

Top products: ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING: 1. Consultrans commences the three flagship projects in Uganda hand in hand with Ugandan Railways Corporation. 2. High-Speed Los Arejos – Níjar, Murcia – Almería line Corredor Mediterráneo.


Activities by year

- Arabia

Construction works on the Mecca City Bus Depot complex for Modern Bus Company (MBC), is reaching its final phase.

The complex is located on the south of the city, 10 km from the centre. It has an area of 120,000 m2 that accommodates 400 vehicles (expandable to 1,000 in a second phase) that will serve the 12 bus lines planned for cover almost the entire city.

Depot houses several building facilities for the maintenance of the fleet (gas station, preventive maintenance, workshop, washing, cleaning as well as covered canopies for 40% of the vehicles). A Control Centre building has been built for administrative and operational purposes; in addition, the complex has a training building for drivers.

- Cameroon

We finish the study for the Douala-Yaoundé railway line rehabilitation (263 km) in Cameroon operated by the concessionaire Camrail.

First feasibility phase was focused mainly on demand and economic-financial studies, to continue in a second phase with the development of preliminary engineering for the complete infrastructure, facilities, workshops and rolling stock. The studies were closed in their final phase with the social and environmental impact assessment.

This project has been financed by the World Bank for the Ministry of Transport of Cameroon and Camrail, the current concessionaire.

- Chile

As part of our firm commitment to be present in Chile, in 2021 Consultrans has become part of the Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio en Chile (CAMACOES)

Project for the recovery of the workshops and support infrastructure of the Maestranza San Eugenio, EFE.

The project will be carried out jointly for a year and a half by Consultrans and CDI. The aim is to propose different solutions and develop the one that best suits the requirements of EFE, at the level of basic engineering. The company is focused in ensuring the maximum protection of the values and attributes that these assets represent, to guarantee the protection of workers and their relevance as national and railway heritage.
For EFE Trenes de Chile, the recovery of the workshops of Maestranza San Eugenio is very relevant, since it allows the repair and rolling stock maintenance, to carry out successfully the railway operation.

Study and Economic Evaluation of Improvement of the Branch between the Arenal Station and the Port of San Vicente, Puertos de Talcahuano.

The consortium formed by Consultrans-CDI develops at the pre-feasibility level the physical and operational measures that will allow optimizing the rail freight mode in the section between El Arenal Station and the interior of the San Vicente port area. The Port of San Vicente has land accessibility through rail and road connectivity. The latter has a strategic position to give access to export and import products from the southern part of the country, especially considering that Concepción is an important city within the national context, which makes it an attractive pole of marketing and distribution.

Finishing in April 2022, because of the project, Puertos de Talcahuano will be able to optimally meet the cargo demand forecast for the coming years and continue with the development of port and logistics infrastructure and technology, to achieve efficient and competitive service levels, in coordination with the public-private value chain.

- Spain

High-Speed Los Arejos – Níjar, Murcia – Almería line Corredor Mediterráneo.

Consultrans deploys the Assistance and Control works to connect both cities through high speed in 2026.
With a budget of 123 million euros, the project includes the execution of numerous structural elements, of which the most important are eleven viaducts, 3 of them of big dimensions with composite desk.

End of the Detailed Design Project of the Implementation of Standard Gauge on the Mediterranean Corridor. Section: Castellbisbal-Murcia. Subsection: La Encina-Bif. Alicante. Track and electrification.

The implementation, very closed to completion, includes the third line on a section of conventional track in operation of approximately 80 km. The implementation of the standard gauge on general tracks and on those others that require it for reasons of circulation and adaptation to the length of the interoperable standard train (750 m), the adaptation of the existing infrastructure to make the line interoperable, as well as the adaptation of existing stations and halts. Besides, it is carried out the procedures established in 38/2015 Lay of the Railway Sector and the Risk Analysis of the Project (including the ISA Interoperability and TSIs compliance).

Project for the Layout and Construction of the N-232 Road from Vinaroz to Santander (PK 368+500 to 373+100). Section: Variant of Villar de Arnedo (La Rioja).

This project is part of the improvement actions of one of the most important cross-road axes in Spain, the Vinaroz-Santander. The objective is to design the duplication of the existing road during almost 6 km through the municipality of Villar de Arnedo, allowing maximum speeds of 120 km / h on a road with 2 lines of 7 m, shoulders of 2.5 m and a median of 3 m, which will facilitate transport and mobility through La Rioja while guaranteeing the highest levels of safety. In addition to the design of the infrastructure and aligned with the values of Consultrans, special care is taken to minimize the impact on the environment. That is why a special passage has been designed for deer and large mammals, which is colloquially called "highway for deer".

eGoverment systems development for the Dirección General de Transportes.

This year Consultrans has continued to work closely with the DGTT to improve the applications that manage training in the field of land transport, as well as road transport authorizations.

In 2022, the way in which the exams will be conducted to obtain the title of professional competence changes, becoming conducted electronically. Consultrans will optimize the UX implementing several enhancements of the bank of questions and practical cases of professional competence, as well as exams’ management and their electronic execution.

In addition to the above, other improvements are already under way in the processing of files and management of courses and exams to obtain the CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude), with the intention of making more effective the management of CAP training by the different agents involved (training companies, professional drivers, and public administration).

Likewise, Consultrans leads the optimization of applications for the processing of transport authorization files and the management of notifications and electronic communications, to make it easier both, to the citizen and to the different bodies responsible for its management.


See our top product to know more about the three projects Consultrans is carrying out within Ugandan Railways Corporation



Being aware of the Digital Transformation challenge, we promote the digitization of Transport to achieve more sustainable, safe, reliable, and accessible mobility and infrastructure. Innovation and technology are the keys to design customised solutions, adapted to the needs of each project. That is why we are committed to the use of BIM methodology, which allows us to achieve optimum data management throughout the entire life cycle of an infrastructure.

Innovation remains one of the pillars of our activity. Currently Consultrans leads a research project for the development of switches and crossings degradation models, analysis of their life cycle and implementation in the Asset Management Platform of Adif. Together with Antonio Nebrija University, CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) and the Institute of Applied Electromagnetism, the research project will be carried out for two years since 2021.
The aim will be to analyse the current switches and crossings installed in the Adif railway network, to identify their current status, as well as their potential damage. This is intended to improve the maintenance of these switches and crossings during their period of operation

During the research, models will be made considering the vehicle-track interaction. With these models, it will be possible to identify the forces that occur during train traffic and the fatigue of the switches and crossing’s elements (switch rail, stock rails, check rail, crossing, drives, switch rail detectors, bolts, among others).

With this models’ results, it is intended to identify the possible failure modes, considering the observed forces and the corresponding fatigue of the materials.

The customization of these results will allow their implementation in Adif’s Asset Management Platform, and thus predict the evolution of future states of the track elements and determine homogeneous maintenance criteria together with renovation plans, optimizing economically the life cycle cost (LCC) of the switches and crossings.


Areas Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

Certifications Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015. UNE-EN-ISO- 14001:2015. UNE-EN-ISO 45001:2018.

Process management for Software development: ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE).

Turnover 11.790.967,66 euros
No. of employees 90
Share capital 60,101.21 euros
Results 3.384.217,45 euros
Activities Engineering and consulting.
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