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Postal address Miguel Faraday, 1
Parque Empresarial “La Carpetania”
E-28906 Getafe. Madrid. Spain
Company data
Management team

Chairman and CEO: Gustavo González. General Manager-FRENOS Division: Gustavo González. Merak General Manager (emphasis Sales, RailServices and Quality): Fernando Hazeu. Merak General Manager (emphasis Engineering, Purchasing, and Production): Arkaitz Oyarbide. Director Sales & Systems-FRENOS Division: José Manuel Fernández. Merak Director Sales & Projects: Jorge Alonso. Merak Engineering Manager: Javier Arranz. Production Manager: Carmelo Mallagaray. RailServices Manager: Juan Carlos López Bravo. Purchasing Manager: Luis Silva. Quality, Management Systems & HSE Manager: Juan Manuel Ortego. Human Resources & IT Manager: Alfonso Palomeque. Financial Manager: Augusto Barrionuevo.

Activity Brake equipment; doors; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; other systems and onboard products for railway applications.

Main products and services

FRENOS Division: Brakes and Air Production Area: Pneumatic, electropneumatic, electrohydraulic brake systems and electromagnetic rail brake. Compressed air production and treatment systems. Developments and applications based on microprocessors for electrical and pneumatic brake control. Anti-skid equipment controlled by microprocessors. Brake discs made of cast iron, steel and aluminium. Brake cylinders and blocks with conventional brake rigging and compact brake callipers. Valves, reservoirs and hoses for pneumatic equipment. Friction materials for rail vehicles. Selling of Spare Parts and Kits. Repair Services. Technical Assistance, Maintenance. Modernization and Updates of Product. // Doors Systems Area: Access doors, steps, ramps and interior doors. Sales of Spare Parts and Kits. Repair Services. Technical Assistance, Maintenance.  Product Modernization and Overhaul. // Platform doors. // On Board Area: Telematics systems, communication technologies, dampers, video surveillance, passenger information systems, windscreen wipers, sanitary systems, coupling, power converters, electromechanical & electronic components for railway systems, power electronics and signalling devices.

Merak: Design, production, installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for all types of rail vehicles. Sales of spare parts and kits. Repair services, technical assistance, modernization and product updates.


Top products: AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT: 1. Merak clean[air]: Innovative technology for air distribution, filtration and purification through the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. BRAKES: 2. Friction Technologies: Brake Pad and Brake Block excellence for all train applications: ULTRAPAD- ULTRABLOCK - PROPAD - PROBLOCK-.


Activities by year

FRENOS Division: Brakes and Air Production Area: Design and manufacture of brake equipment for High Speed trains (e.g. FLYTOGET, Mecca Medina, Talgo Renfe F070, Transpennine/First Group 200 kph for UK), Regional trains for NS CIVITY in Holland, West Midlands and Wales & Bordersin United Kingdom and New South Wales in Australia and high-capacity commuter trains in Spain, Locomotives for, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Scandinavia and Bolivia, , Underground Railways Projects in the world (e.g. London, Naples, Santiago de Chile, Amsterdam, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Lima, Barcelona, Helsinki, Brussels), Lisboa and Trams (e.g. Budapest, Luxemburg, Utrecht, Karlsruhe, Oslo, Alicante …). Brakes modernization projects in Spain and Portugal. Technical assistance services, corrective and preventive maintenance. Customer training // Access Doors Systems Area: Commercialization and project management (Amsterdam Tram, Metro Brussels, Tram Luxemburgo Enlargement, Tram Utrecht Enlargement, High Speed Renfe, Tram Budapest Enlargement, Tram de Lijn, Metro Naples, Tram Vitoria Enlargement, Tram Fribourg Enlargement, Metro Barcelona Enlargement, DMU Wales & Borders, Urbos Parramatta, Tram Liège, Intercities DB, Urbos Birmingham Enlargement,  Intercities DSB, 6 UTs Egypt (Interior Doors), Renfe High Capacity, EMUs + BMUs Sweden Transitio  AKT, Metro Lisbon, Citadis Casablanca, LRV Lisbon, Urbos Sydney Enlargement, Tram Freiburg Enlargement, Tram Málaga Enlargement,    Refurbishment Metro Lisbon 95/97/99,  Refurbishment Metro de Madrid s/7000, Refurbishment Metro Madrid s/8000, Modernization Double Deck Fertagus, etc.). Technical assistance services, corrective and preventive maintenance. Customer training.

Design, manufacturing, and service of HVAC systems for all types of railway applications: High Speed (e.g. TGV2020/RGV in France, Talgo Renfe F070 and Zefiro in Spain, Zefiro in Italy, East Midlands in UK, Velaro Russia and Velaro Novo platform), Metros (e.g. Brussels, Helsinki, Milan, Montreal, Santiago and Sanying), Regional/Commuter trains for different operators in Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland and UK, LRVs (e.g. Torino) as well as Passenger Cars for Denmark, Egypt and Germany. Modernization of trains in service (France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United States). Air Distribution, Filtration and Purification System clean[air]. Refrigerant replacements adapted to the new regulations regarding F-Gases.



FRENOS Division: Brakes and Air Production Area: New air production modules, with intelligent control allowing to minimize energy consumption, noise emission, weight and size of the equipment due to the possibility of varying the rotation speed in an intelligent way. iCom monitoring systems providing the capability to know, in real time, the status of different equipment of a fleet of vehicles and to define a maintenance based on the condition. New design of the axle disc for freight wagons, 60 mm thinner and 45 kg lighter than the traditional one. ESRA Evolution electronics based on the tested ESRA brake control system and incorporating new microcontrollers; this system increases the integration interfaces and allows the SW to be quickly and easily updated. New MGS3 anti-skid electronic system, which minimizes brake distances when the adherence is very low. // Doors Systems Area: Development of doorsystem RLE as continuation of the RLS product family, available for sliding plug doors and sliding doors and allowing additional optional features, like an improved central cut out and lower weight and power consumption.

Merak: Merak is leader in the market for railway climate control systems, including their migration to refrigerants with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) with alternative and natural refrigerants.
Furthermore, modular solutions have been developed which allow adaptation of a design to different climatic zones and the possibility of responding to different requirements like adaptation to High Speed, integration of air extraction systems, etc. The resulting systems guarantee maximum comfort and reduce energy consumption by between 10% and 30%.
Development of the innovative clean[air] technology based on different phases of air purification and filtration which guarantee a clean and safe environment for the travelers in the train.
Included in this technology is the creation of the revolutionary Long-Life Filter, which lasts 4 times longer than other conventional filters and so contributes to a substantial saving in maintenance cost and spare parts, as well as less waste generation.


Areas All over the world.

Certifications Certification of Management Systems: Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015 and IRIS-ISO/TS 22163:2017 Environment ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Risks Prevention ISO 45001:2018. Energy Management Systems ISO 50001:2011.

Certification of processes: Bonding according to DIN 6701-2 standard, Welding according to EN 15085-2; RAMS according to DIN EN 50126-1:2017/50126-2:2017 and maintenance functions according to Regulation 779/2019.

Turnover 185 million Euros
No. of employees 571
Activities Air conditioning equipment, Brakes, Maintenance, Others, Telecommunication.
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