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Postal address Spanish Subsidiary:

Vandergoten, 8 - 1º E
E-28014 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 552 32 10   E-mail
Other addresses
Postal address Head Office:
168, Avenue Charles de Gaulle
F-92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. France

Telephone +33 1 41 43 40 40   Fax +33 1 46 40 71 70
  E-mail   Web  
Company data
Management team

GEISMAR: Comercial Director, Rudy Hayat.
GEISMAR IBÉRICA: Chief Executive: Álvaro Rodríguez. Technical and Aftersales Service Manager: Juan Geraghty. Sales Department: Juan Ferreiros.

Activity Track laying and Track Maintenance equipment, and Over Head Line (OHL) equipment.

Main products and services

For the track maintenance and laying: Track tool and portable equipment. For the RAIL: drilling machines, cutting machines, grinding machines, bending machines, weld shearing machines, rail tensioning machines, preheating equipment, loaders, rail changing gantries. For the SLEEPER: drilling machines, sleeper-banding machines, chamfering machines, re-adzing machines, sleeper-changing machines. For the FASTENINGS: Electronic coach-screwing machines, hydraulic coach-screwing machines, mechanical coach-screwing and fishbolting machines, impact wrenches, clipping machines for the insertion and extraction of every type of elastic clips. For the BALLAST: mechanical and hydraulic tamping sets. Heavy-duty equipments: Turnouts and mounted panels laying and renewal gantries, rail threader, track slewing machines, tamping machines, ballast regulators. Transport and maintenance vehicles: Inspection vehicles, track maintenance vehicles, lightweight and heavy duty, with axles or bogies, trailers, rail-road loader/excavators, rail-road trucks. Turnkey plants: Rail welding and reprofiling plants, wooden sleeper manufacturing and impregnation plants, metallic sleeper regenerating plants. Control and measuring instruments: Analogic and electronic combined track gauges and manual instruments, ultrasonic equipment and electronic trolleys, hand pushed, or self-propelled or on-board mounted system. Electronic profilometers with PDA device system. For the Over Head Lines: Specific tools. Wide range of components. Track vehicles, Rail-road vehicles and on-tracking for the maintenance, the inspection and the geometric control of the OHL. Complete trains to unroll the contact wire and the messenger and mounting of the other components.


Top products: TRACK: 1. Electrically powered range Activion Systems.  2. Battery-powered worksite projector – NOCTURNA-.  3. Battery-powered rail drill – NARVAL-.  4. Battery-powered abrasive rail saw -SHARK-.


Activities by year

Some examples of supplies:

In Spain: Machinery and Maintenance vehicles for the Railway Companies, Metros and Tramways and the Construction Companies.

All over the world: Track motor cars for the railway maintenance, and for the personal transport, Track motor cars for the OHL inspection and maintenance with OHL parameters onboard contactless measuring and recording system; Heavy duty track motor cars with bogies for the inspection and the maintenance of the OHL; Heavy duty track motor cars with bogies for the inspection of signaling systems of high speed lines; Heavy duty track motor cars for the railway maintenance. OHL unrolling/rolling trains. Trains for complete renewal of OHL. Modular turnouts substitution system and track renewal systems. Turnkey plants for the production of long welded Rails. Lightweight vehicles for high-speed tracks inspection, elevating on-tracking vehicles for OHL maintenance. Heavy duty gantries for track laying and gantries for the substitution of the high speed lines switches. Rail-road trucks for OHL maintenance, lightweight vehicles for track maintenance, firefighting rail-road trucks. Railroad loader/excavators. Tamping machines. Electronic rail inspection and track geometry parameters measuring equipment etc.


New track measuring electronic equipment. New maintenance heavy track motor cars with bogies.  New models of gang cars for works and transport of personnel. New track maintenance lightweight mechanical machines. Trains for the complete renovation of the OHL.

Areas 150 countries through 15 subsidiaries and wide range of international representatives.

Certifications Certificate nº 34/5200/13/1939 UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 norm, granted to GEISMAR IBÉRICA by OCA GLOBAL- Current cycle certification date: 2021/12/25 and granted to GEISMAR SAS by SGS - Current cycle certification date: 2022/12/09.
Activities Infraestructure, Electrification, Maintenance, Others, Track.
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