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Postal address Caléndula 93.
Minipark III. Edificio H. 1ª Pl.
E-28109 Alcobendas. Madrid. Spain.
Telephone +34 91 659 34 80 Fax +34 91 659 34 90 E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

Managing Director: Ignacio Quiles. Financial, Legal & H.R. Manager: Francisco Javier Hernández. ISD Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal: Guido Petit. Railway and Mobility Sales Director for Southern Europe: José María Carrasco. Sales Manager Connected Energy & Data Centers Iberia: Miguel Corujo. ESS Sales Manager South Europe & Mediterranean: Carlos González Pondal.

Activity Developing, producing, manufacturing and sales batteries. Engineering and Consulting. Maintenance and Technical assistance.

Main products and services

High-technology Ni-Cd based and Lithium-Ion batteries for industrial applications, from design and development to production, customization, and service management.


Top products: AUXILIARY ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT: 1. Ni-Cd batteries: MRX. 2. Li-ion modules with Iron Phosphate cells.


Activities by year

We have had one of the most important years in terms of economic volume in the last decade. During 2021 we have been present in important national and international projects, getting the entry of orders with major customers such as CAF, among others, of the following projects with the MRX battery such as the AMLD project for the SNCF or the extension of the Istanbul Metro or Stadler in Valencia in projects such as locomotives for Taiwan. On the other hand, this year we continue with the projects of the Birrmingham tram in the UK, the Liege tram or the Parramatta tram in Australia with the Iron phosphate modules equally for CAF as the most outstanding projects to highlight.


We continue advancing in the development of new battery technologies based on lithium electrochemistry for energy and power backup applications.

Areas All over the world.
Certifications Quality and Environment: Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas.
Certificate of Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 by AFNOR (Bordeaux Factory in which manufactures railway batteries).
Certificate of Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018 by Bureau Veritas.

Turnover 775 million Euros sales FY 2021.
No. of employees 4.000 employees all over the world.
R&D Investment 85 m (11% of sales).
Activities Components, Auxiliary electric equipment, Engineering and consulting, Maintenance.
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