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Postal address Registered office and Headquarters:
Martinez Villergas, 49 - Edificio V
E-28027 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 334 58 00 Fax +34 91 334 58 01 Web
Other addresses
Postal address Main Sites:
Rolling Stock Industrial Center. Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona)
Road B-140 from Santa Perpetua to Mollet, km. 7,500
E-08130 Santa Perpetua de Mogola. Barcelona. Spain

Telephone +34 93 575 50 00 Fax +34 93 574 04 44
Postal address Integral Maintenance Centres for Railway Equipment. Getafe (Madrid)
Bell St., 7-9
Calle Westinghouse, nº 2
Polígono Industrial San Marcos
28906 Getafe. Madrid. Spain

Postal address Engineering center Signalling and Safety laboratory. Madrid
Martinez Villergas, 49 - Edificio V
E-28027 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 384 80 00 Fax +34 91 350 99 95
Postal address Global Innovation Center Alstom Digital Mobility (ADM)
Martinez Villergas, 49 - Edificio V
E-28027 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 384 80 00 Fax +34 91 350 99 95
Postal address Propulsion and Control: Trápaga Factory (Vizcaya)
Barrio de Trápaga, s/n.
E-48510 Vizcaya. España

Telephone +34 94 486 91 00 Fax +34 94 486 91 17
Postal address Ateinsa Mantenimiento Ferroviario
Aplicaciones Técnicas Industriales SA
Calle Méndez Alvaro 20.
E-28045 Madrid. España

Postal address BTren Mantenimiento Ferroviario SA:
(Joint Stock Company established with RENFE for maintenance activities)
Caléndula 93.
Complejo Miniparc III
Edificio K – planta baja
E-28109 Soto de la Moraleja. Madrid. España

Telephone +34 91 658 54 93 Fax +34 91 650 94 79
Postal address Irvia
(Joint Stock Company established with RENFE for maintenance activities)
C/ Martínez Villergas 49, ed. V.
E-28027 Madrid. España

Telephone +34 91 334 57 80
Postal address Others: Technological center in Barcelona, supporting the Services Unit (Spain and Portugal). Technology center in Santa Perpetua (Barcelona) which consists of Interiorism Excellence Centre and 5 subsystems (Brakes, Acustic, Doors, Electrical and Finishing), highlighting developments in global confort, acustic, design and style, and ergonomic. Innovation and Technology Malaga Centre (Railway Technology Centre - Andalusia Technology Park). Operation and maintenance Centre at Madrid Airport Terminal 4.
Company data

Leading societies to a low carbon future, Alstom develops and markets mobility solutions that provide the sustainable foundations for the future of transportation. Alstom’s product portfolio ranges from high-speed trains, metros, monorail and trams to integrated systems, customised services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions. Alstom has 150,000 vehicles in commercial service worldwide. With Bombardier Transportation joining Alstom on January 29, 2021, the enlarged Group’s combined proforma revenue amounts to €14 billion for the 12-month period ended March 31, 2021. Alstom is now present in 70 countries and employs more than 70,000 people.

Alstom Spain employs close to 3,000 people on 27 work sites, the company has a rolling stock manufacturing site and 4 innovation centres where it runs R&D programs for rolling stock and railway signalling, safety, security, digital mobility and services

Alstom Spain key data: Industrial and commercial presence of all Alstom activities: rolling stock, signaling, Digital Mobility, Services and Systems.
-    27 working sites
-    4 innovation centers
-    4 industrial centers
-    1 Train manufacturing site

Web site:

Management team

Alstom Spain management team:

President Alstom Spain: Leopoldo Maestu. Finance Director: Alberto Gómez. HR Director: Reyes Torres. Legal Director: Angeles Morales. Communication Director: Irma Aguado Signalling, Systems and Infrastructures Managing Director: Luciano Barbieri. Services Unit Director: Antonio Rodríguez. Commercial Director: Jon Ander Vegas. General Director Barcelona Industrial center: Cristina Anderiz. General Director Vizcaya Industrial center: Diego García.

Main products and services

As a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom develops and markets systems, equipment and services for the transport sector. Alstom offers a complete range of solutions (from high-speed trains to regional, suburban, metros and tramways), passenger solutions, customized services (maintenance, modernization), infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions. Alstom is a world leader in integrated transport systems.

Alstom Trains - Range of rolling stock:

-    Metros
-    Tramways
-    Train-Tram
-    Commuter trains
-    Regional Trains (
-    High and Very Hight Speed Trains
-    Locomotives
-    100% automated People Mover

Signalling solutions: The business unit for railway signalling and safety of Alstom Spain has about 1000 technicians and engineers dedicated developing and implementing signalling and safety solutions. With a presence of over 100 years in our country, the engineering center and the technology laboratories in Madrid run innovative projects for both the domestic market and for exports. Alstom Spain has two excellence centers worldwide which supply railway signalling, and safety and passenger information.

Signalling systems, control, Safety and Communication for:

-    Long-haul, regional and commuter services.
-    Urban and suburban systems.
-    High-speed lines.
-    Light railway trains and tramways.

Signalling, security and communication systems range:

-    Conventional signalling systems.
-    Interoperable European signalling system: ERTMS.
-    Protection system ATP / ATO.
-    CBTC system.
-    Automatic driving system.
-    Lateral conventional signalling products.

Surveillance systems and passenger information for all kinds of lines and trains

Digital mobility:

-    Digital Passenger solutions.
-    Connectivity.
-    City mobility and multimodality.
-    IoT.

Services and maintenance (rolling stock and infrastructures): As pioneers in maintenance and renovation of rolling stock, Alstom offers a variety of customized services to public and private rail operators. The aim is to ensure an optimized, safe and global management of the rolling stock and other railway equipment throughout its life cycle, whether it has been manufactured by Alstom or by third parties: maintenance, renovation, management of spare parts, support and technical assistance.

Infrastructure and turnkey systems: Alstom offer a complete range of solutions for rail installation, automatic people mover, electrification and electricity supply for all types of railway networks, and supply of all electromechanical equipment for lines, stations and workshops. Alstom is a leader in Spain in the area of substations 2x25 kV and rail catenary high-speed. The company has participated in the execution of almost all substations on high-speed lines in Spain. Alstom Spain has also participated in the installation and maintenance of security systems in most tunnels on Spanish high-speed networks.

Turnkey systems: The increasing complexity of projects lead operators to seek global answers to their needs. Alstom combines all its expertise as a multi-specialist manufacturer to manage complete railway systems: rolling stock, signaling, infrastructure, services...

Alstom references: Spain key

Main references in Spain:  Trains and buses:

-    Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Murcia, Parla, Jaen, Murcia, Valencia and Alicante tramways.
-    Barcelona and Madrid metros.
-    Commuter trains for FGC (S213 and S113) and Renfe (CIVIA I, II, III and IV).
-    High-speed trains/Shuttles S104 and S114) – RENFE.
-    Traction chain S121, S120 and S120.50– RENFE.
-    Very high-speed trains S100– RENFE.
-    Regional trains ALARIS S 490 – RENFE.
-    Adaptation of the fleet of commuter trains in Valladolid to improve accessibility - Client RENFE.
-    APM (Automated People Mover) Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas. 100% Automatic people mover 100% between T4 and T4S.
-    Propulsion system 91 HST AVE S102, AVE S112 and AVE S130/730 Renfe.
-    Propulsion and control system Metro de Madrid 650 units (Serie 2000-B, Serie 5000 2ª y 4ª and Serie 6000).
-    Propulsion system for regional trains S112&213 of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
-    Propulsion and control system Metro Bilbao S500&550.
-    Propulsion system 100 freight loc S253 of Renfe.
-    Electric Bus: Aptis. Aranjuez (Madrid).

Rolling stock renewal:

-    24 AVE SERIES 100. Interior renewal, adaptation.
-    6 AVE SERIES 101. Train adaptation of S101 to S100.
-    Commuter cars RENFE S-446 and S-447. Adaptation of accessibility for disabled people. 165 cars.
-    10 AVE SERIES 100 – RENFE. AVE adaptation for operation on the high-speed line linking Spain and France.
-    24 AVE SERIES 100. Car R2 adaptation from preference layout to tourist layout.
-    AVE SERIE 100. Prototype WIFI installation.

Trains maintenance:

-    Suburban trains S446, S450, S451, S447, S470 y Civia– Renfe.
-    Very high-speed trains and high-speed trains Avant (S102, S104 y S114) and Ave S100, S112, S130/730 - RENFE.
-    High-speed locomotives S252 – RENFE.
-    Freight locomotives S253 – RENFE.
-    Citadis tramways in Barcelona, Madrid and Murcia.
-    Barcelona tramway S9000 – TMB.
-    Traction chains S121, S120 and S120.050 – ACTREN.
-    Irvia y BTren (JV Alstom-Renfe).
-    Automatic system maintenance APM of Madrid Airport Adolfo Suárez.
-    Energy Management system S102/112 y S130 of Renfe.

Signalling:  ERTMS

-    ERTMS level 2 for the high-speed line Albacete-Alicante.
-    ERTMS level 2 for the high-speed Northwest corridor (Valladolid-León-Burgos).
-    On-board equipment for high-speed trains S100, TAV S104, S114, AVRIL G3, CIVIAS, TALGO MECCA-MEDINA - 239 board equipment in service.
-    On-board equipment ETCS/ERTMS level 2 baseline 3) for ADIF auscultation trains (Seneca and BT).
-    On-board equipment (ETCS/ERTMS level 2 baseline 3) for Renfe suburban trains.
-    Third rail - ERTMS level 1 Zaragoza-Huesca, Girona-Figueres, Castellbisbal–Can Tunis and Castellbisbal/Papiol-Mollet San Fost.
-    High-speed line Madrid-Levante (Alpera variant).
-    OPTIFLO for Metro de Madrid and rail network of Adif, IP, REFER, Metro de Oporto, Metro de Barcelona, Metro do Porto (Portugal), Metro de Bilbao and Metro de Sevilla.
-    Barcelona Commuter wayside signalling maintenance (Rodalies) L’Hospitalet de Llobregat – Mataró.


-    Smartlock 200 and Smartlock 300. Over 100 sets of equipment in operation.
-    Chamartin station.

Urban signalling:

-    Barcelona Tramway.
-    Madrid Tramway.
-    Malaga and Madrid Metro.
-    Train-tram Chiclana-San Fernando.
-    Madrid Light Rail Control centre.
-    Recoletos Tunnel (Madrid suburban line).


-    Tramway systems in Barcelona, Granada, Parla, Jaen, Murcia.
-    Civil protection and safety facilities - Tunnels in the high-speed line Orense-Santiago.
-    Catenaries for the high-speed line Madrid-Segovia-Valladolid, Chinchilla- Almansa and Medina del Campo-Salamanca, the commuter tunnels from Barcelona, line 9 in Barcelona metro, various commuter lines in Mallorca and the conventional Barcelona line.
-    Substations for high-speed network: Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-Frontera Francesa and Cordoba – Malaga and Madrid - Levante.
-    Maintenance of electrification facilities in high-speed lines.
-    Rail maintenance and catenary of Renfe Integria workshops.


Top products: SIGNALLING: 1. CBTC for driverless automated transit systems. ROLLING STOCK AND TRACTION EQUIPMENT: 2. High Capacity X`trapolis. MAINTENANCE: 3. Digital Services. OTHERS: 4. Mastria - Smart mobility.


Areas Present in more than 70 countries.
Activities Components, Mechanical construction, Rolling stock and traction equipment, Auxiliary electric equipment, Auxiliary mechanical equipment, Maintenance, Others, Telecommunication.
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