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Postal address Avenida de Suiza, 3
E-28821 Coslada. Madrid. Spain
Telephone Tel.: +34 91 670 78 00   E-mail Web  
Company data
Management team

CEO: Mark Neumann. Mobility Division Manager: Gonzalo Oliver Pinacho. Rail sales manager: Alberto Bethencourt. Drive systems manager: Jaime Herrero. Coupling systems manager: Juan Gómez. Customer service represantatives: Cristina Pérez and Elena Santamaría.

Activity Components, Mechanical Construction, Electronics, Auxiliary Electrical Equipment, Auxiliary Mechanical Equipment, Traction, Engineering and Consulting, Maintenance and Other.

Main products and services

Single or multi-stage gear units for high-speed, variable-gauge, urban and conventional vehicles. New bionic teeth, quieter, lighter and more compact.
Hydrodynamic transmissions and DIWA hydromechanical transmissions, with integrated gear inverter. Efficient and reliable solutions
Coupling with torque limiter for the protection of adjacent mechanical equipment in case of motor blockage.
World leader in couplers, automatic and semi-permanent couplings, also for freight wagons; articulated joints; Scharfenberg energy absorption systems.
Frontal complete systems (front ends) and GRFP late energy absorption systems (EN-15227 and EN412663). Integrated design with energy absorption and coupling systems, front flaps for the frontal coupling system.
New CargoFlex Coupler, most advanced and reliable solution for the DAC project.
Cardan shafts and highly flexible motor-generator couplings, with vibration filtering from the engine.
Full mounted wheel sets, integrating wheels, brake axle boxes and gear unit.
Vehicle management and maintenance systems; digital solutions
Integral maintenance and modification of railway vehicles. Maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment: gear units and transmissions, coupling.


Top products: ROLLING STOCK AND TRACTION EQUIPMENT: 1. CargoFlex. 2. OnEfficiency.StopStart.



Bionic teeth: Innovative tooth design that allows smaller dimensions, achieving a lighter gear unit and a significant reduction of the noise generated by the gear.
Gearboxes for high speed trains: World leader in the supply of gearboxes for vehicles with speeds over 250 km / h.
Voith CargoFlex and CargoFlex Hybrid: Automatic couplers and Hybrid automatic couplers (Type 10 and hook UIC 530) flexible for the automation of freight transport.
Smart Schaku: On-line application that improves the vehicle availability thanks to a monitoring system which tracks loads and changes in coupling status, reducing vehicle downtime.
DIWA NXT: Maximum driving comfort due to jolt-free starting and gear shifting. Number of gear shifts reduced by 50% compared to competition similar solutions. Compact and powerful; up to 1900 Nm transmission input torque. Housing design with reduced heat radiation surface. Extremely economical fuel consumption. Integration of the heat exchanger into transmission output. Secondary lubrication pump for towing operations.
SZ-440: Gear unit designed and delivered for the Siemens Mireo platform, from the first order for Regional net Rheintal S-Bahn Rhein-Neckar. Included a bionic gear option.

Turnover Euros
No. of employees 21.491
Share capital 1.460.000.000 Euros
R&D Investment 213.000.000 Euros
Results 30.000.000 Euros
Activities Mechanical construction, Rolling stock and traction equipment, Auxiliary mechanical equipment, Engineering and consulting, Maintenance, Others.
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