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Electrosistemas Bach, S.A.

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Postal address Mar Mediterráneo, 9.
Polígono Industrial La Torre del Rector
E-08130 Santa Perpetua de Mogoda. Barcelona. Spain
Telephone +34 93 574 74 40   Fax +34 93 574 34 27   E-mail Web  
Company data
Management team

President: Antonio Latorre Uriarte. CEO: David Latorre Ferrando. Research & Development Chief: Jordi Latorre Ferrando. Project Chief: Núria Coronas Soucheiron. After Sales Chief: José Miguel Gil del Arco. Commercial Chief: José Manuel Yera Rufián. RAMS – Quality Chief: Gerardo Martínez Ramírez. Administrative Chief: Tomàs Calaf Cruz. Operations Chief: Beatriz Oñós Menéndez. General Services Area Chief: Cecilia Orona.

Activity Electrans is specialized in the development, manufacture, supply, execution and maintenance of Railway, Tramway and Metro signaling solutions.
Electrans stands out for adapting the product to the specific requirements of each client, as well as our capacity to develop complete railway signaling solutions.

Main products and services

Level Crossing Protection Systems. Electrans develops, manufactures and integrates Level Crossings solutions according to the specific requirements of each project, with a Safety Integrity Level up to SIL-4.

Signalling Railway Systems. Electronic interlocking and block for Railways, Central Control Room for asset exploitation and auxiliary signalling systems for passenger information. Detection systems for audio-frequency and conventional track circuits.

Signalling Tramway Systems. Safety interlocking and electronic block. On-board equipment which supervises the vehicle speed through braking curves, roll-back protection, signal overtaking protection system and safety rise and lowering of the pantograph in tracks without catenary. Field equipment related to the previous (beacons, track circuits, point machines and signals). SIL-4 beacon detection system.

Signals and Lights. Design and production of LED technology signals and SIL-4 lights for Railway, Tramway and Metro applications. Great capacity to adapt to different compositions of number of aspects, colors and luminosities.

Axle Counters. Based on a 2oo2 microprocessor technology. Provides safety information of the occupation of the track section, as well as speed information and punctual & directional detection. BUS communication with up to 64 detection points per processing unit.

Maintenance. Technical team specialized in the preventive and corrective maintenance of the safety railway and tramway installations, with operational bases in Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Alicante, Bilbao and Mallorca.

After Sales Service. Service of technical assistance and reparation of equipment in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Barcelona.




Activities by year

- Supply of high signals for the Tren Maya project, Mexico.
- Digitization of the railway network by means of a Centralised Traffic Centre for the Port of Barcelona.
- Supply of level crossing system for Narvik, Norway.
- Supply of signals for Société du Grand Paris, France.
- Supply of ATP system and signals for Purple Line Tel Aviv, Israel.
- Supply and installation of an Automatic Block Signaling for Port of Barcelona.
- Supply of signals for Jurong Line JS2, Singapore.
- Supply and installation of signalling for Barcelona tramway.
- Supply of signals and equipment for Fredericia, Denmark.



- ZERO INFRASTRUCTURE level crossing.
- ECB system: Beacon Canton Evaluator.

Areas - Spain
- Latin America (Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Mexico)
- Europe (Belgium, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Scotland, France, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, Georgia)
- Asia (Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Thailand, China, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Israel, Indonesia, Philippines)
- Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Cameroon)

Certifications Quality certification: ISO 9001/2015 issued by DEKRA for the design, production, installation, marketing and after-sales service of Railway signalling equipment.

Environment certification: ISO 14001/2015 issued by DEKRA for the design, production, installation, marketing and after-sales service of Railway signalling equipment.

Occupational health and safety management systems certification: ISO 45001:2018 issued by DEKRA for the design, production, installation, marketing and after-sales service of Railway signalling equipment.

Turnover 19.9 million euros
No. of employees 176
Share capital 3,000,000 euros
R&D Investment 12% of budget
Activities Infraestructure, Maintenance, Others, Signalling.
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