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Postal address Edificio Bronce - 5ª planta
Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno, s/n.
E-28020 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 598 23 00   Fax +34 91 555 04 31   E-mail
Company data
Management team

Executive Director: Gerd Paukner. Managing Director: Ingo Paukner. Head of Railway Department: Roberto Isabel. Financial Director: Roberto Martinez.

Activity Components, Auxiliary Electrical Equipment, Auxiliary Mechanical Equipment, Traction, Engineering and Consulting, Maintenance, Signalling, Track, Noise Protections Elements and Other.

Main products and services

PAUKNER, company founded in 1948, is working practically from the beginning in the railway sector and is acting as a sales agent to sell products and solutions for urban railways, high speed etc. of several mainly German, and Austrian companies standing out the following ones: VOSSLOH FASTENING SYSTEMS: elastic rail fastening systems and polymer sleepers. WINDHOFF: workshop equipment for railway depots and machinery for the maintenance of the tracks. HANNING & KAHL: signalling systems, point setting mechanisms for tramway turnouts, depot management and controllers, GuideLight – guiding system for intelligent evacuation of stations and tunnels in emergency cases as well as hydraulic brake systems for tramways and metros. GHH-RADSATZ: Wheels for railbound vehicles. KRAIBURG: elastic mats for mass-spring systems and elastic ballast mats for noise and vibration attenuation KLOSE: fixed and friction buffer stops. We also offer noise protection walls, noise absorber modules, and fixed scanner system for supervision of wear and faults on pantographs.


Top products: TRACK: 1. VOSSLOH New M-generation of tension clamps. MAINTENANCE: 2. WINDHOFF Multi-Purpose-Vehicle MPV® VentuS®.


Activities by year

Activities in 2006-2023: Supply of RHEDA 2000 biblock sleepers with the elastic rail fastening system 300-1 of Vossloh Fastening Systems, sleepers for several types of track gauges, polyvalent gauge and 3 rails, for ADIF and the Ministry of Public Works (among others in the Guadarrama tunnel, several tunnels of the Eje Atlántico and tunnels of the high-speed line Madrid-Levante, tunnels of ADIF suburban lines) as well as RHEDA CITY biblock sleepers for tramway systems (tramway of Alcalá de Guadaira by Sevilla and Light Metro Granada). VOSSLOH FASTENING SYSTEMS: supply of direct elastic fastening system 336 for the subways of Mallorca, Sevilla and Barcelona, W-Tram system for the subway of Sevilla, the tramway of Vitoria, Tenerife, Barcelona and funicular of Artxanda/Bilbao and system 300-1 for the tunnel Perthus of Línea Figueras de Perpignan; delivery of polymer sleepers to Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona. WINDHOFF: Lifting jacks for RENFE (FEVE) and Metro Barcelona, underfloor train lifting systems and bogie repair stands for Metro Madrid, bogie measuring device for Renfe. HANNING & KAHL: signalling systems and point setting mechanisms for Metro Tenerife, the tramway of Murcia and the tramway of Mauritius, point setting mechanisms for the subway of Málaga and tramway of Oran (Argelia). GHH-RADSATZ: Wheel tyres and rubber rings for FGV and METRO MADRID as well as wheel tyres for METRO TENERIFE, the tramway of Parla (Madrid) and Metro Ligero Oeste (Madrid). Furthermore supply of elastic mats for mass-spring systems for ADIF, the Ministry of Public Works, the subway of Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and the tramway of Tenerife and Alicante as well as elastic ballast mats for the ADIF and SFM Mallorca.


Areas Spain, South America and other particular areas.

Certifications Quality and Environment: All the companies represented by APSA are certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 14000. APSA has also the certificate ISO 9001.

Activities Components, Electronic traction, Auxiliary electric equipment, Auxiliary mechanical equipment, Engineering and consulting, Maintenance, Others, Track.
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